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Letters from the Front


Fallout has always been one of my top 10 favorite gaming franchises, ever since I started playing the original game. When I always look back to the series, I always somehow remember the soundtrack and the overall ambiance of the locations, and of course Washington D.C where Fallout 3 took place at. Four games later and I still love it, I never tire of Fallout.

Fallout is immensely popular, but I think it should reinvent itself a little. I think it’s time to hit the roads of dusty America and leave the East Coast behind.

Head to the Midwest.


The Midwest is somewhat vague in the Fallout universe, we never been there before and we don’t know how it looks like. I would like to see Detroit, St. Louis, Chicago, or even Ohio in Fallout 5. They have alot of American History that Bethesda can use and it would be such a breather from the East Coast where we spent the last two main games exploring.

I would love to see how these cities have fared since the Great War occurred in 2077, I’m sure that Bethesda can do something interesting with these cities, especially with the 1950’s motifs and themes, it would be cool.

The South, Please.



Much like the Midwest, the American South is largely unknown to us in the Fallout universe. We have had some hints and some mentions regarding the Carolina’s in Fallout 3’s Point Lookout but that’s mainly it. I would love to see how Florida looks like, or Louisiana, even Mississippi  has fared since the War broke out. It would be fascinating to fight mutated alligators or mutated plants in the next Fallout.

Packing Bags.


One thing I would like to see Fallout do is to leave the big urban areas behind and do more of a Last of Us approach, where we go through the countryside and small town America until we get to a big city. A focused design and storytelling would work in the next Fallout, similar to Point Lookout where it takes place in a part of Maryland that hasn’t been touched by the atomic bombs, but a place that has been affected by the radiation coming down from the mainland.

The next Fallout should do this, breaking down parts of it’s main setting: Either that be Chicago, St. Louis, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, etc. I think it would work, similar to The Witcher 3. If Fallout can go The Last of Us way where you start off somewhere, but head to different parts of the state. From small town to the countryside and ultimately to a big city, and each time you go to a different part, you see different lifestyles. Abandoned places to scavenge, people trying to survive or rebuilding the world like Fallout 4.

Different locations around America would be awesome in the next Fallout, I don’t want the series to stay in the East Coast like Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 with it’s rendition of Washington D.C and Boston and possibly Philadelphia which is something that’s been hinted at in Fallout 4, I would like to see different parts of America and how it has fared for over 200 years.

I want Fallout 5 to be akin to The Witcher 3, something of that scale and something that good and return to the RPG mechanics that made Fallout 3 and New Vegas great. I’ll leave it to Bethesda, then.  What do you think, leave a comment below.




7 comments on “Where “Fallout” Should Go Next

  1. Honestly, I’d like to see them make a Fallout for somewhere up north, like Montana or Washington state. I think there’s a great potential for varied environments and interesting storylines in those areas, not to mention that there’d be higher potential to take place in areas that were left untouched by war, like you mentioned.

    1. Physics says:

      That would be awesome. I would like to see that, for the past two games, we’ve been exploring the East Coast and I would love to see more of the East Coast, but now it’s tiring. We’ve already been to DC, and Boston. I don’t want to go to Philadelphia ( Which is pretty cool but those states have alot of History too which is a theme that Bethesda likes to do with the games lore.)

      I would love to go to Florida, Alabama, Illinois , Michigan, Washington State, even Monanta would prove to be fresh for the series. Those states have a lot of history. DO IT, TODD!

  2. I hope that where ever it goes, the game makes use of a more fluid movement system. Been playing so much Titanfall 2 that I basically suffered going back to fallout4. Dying light was a great flow too.


    1. Physics says:

      Agreed. I just hope it also has a cover mechanic, I haven’t played Fallout 4 in several months. I miss it.

      1. Have you played deus ex mankind divided? It’s got a solid cover system. Also dishonored 2 is great!

      2. Physics says:

        Yes. I did my review last month after taking forever with it. Dishonored 2 is so great, I’m currently going through it now but slowly.

      3. I liked DE:MK very much, but will likely only dedicate an analysis on the tutorial systems rather than a full review.

        Dishonored 2 is taking me a while as well! Haha. Playing on hard. Lots of restraint not to go high chaos!

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