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Letters from the Front


No matter how you see it, Battlefield 1 has made a statement and I agree with the statement. Battlefield 1’s statement to the industry that we ought to return to the past, and revisit the battles and weaponry now in new technology on new hardware and we need to go places that we’ve never been before.

Call of Duty began as a World War themed franchise, Medal of Honor began that way, and Battlefield also began with World War. A decade ago, World War II was all the rage after Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers, now we are visiting World War I with Battlefield 1, a setting that we’ve never explored before. I would like to see more games to do this.

Movies and Books keep revisiting the time of World War to keep it fresh, the advantage of World War is that we already like the era and we will dig it up, because it’s been so long since we last saw a World War game. I would love to see Battlefield return to World War in the next installment, hopefully a Battlefield 1944 where it takes place in the Pacific and a new Call of Duty where it returns to World War II. World War I and World War II can have interesting stories, and one comes to mind is Battlefield 1 and the story for that game is really good and interesting, I would like to see a Battlefield WWII game with the ideas and the overall tone of Battlefield 1 and take the anthology and place it into that game.

Technology has moved on to a point where we can revisit Normandy or Berlin again in stunning detail, we can now hold an M2 Browning or an M1 Garand in stunning detail and we will look at it in a different way. I would love to revisit Normandy in a detail that is mind-blowing, and cool-looking. I would love to revisit Berlin on modern hardware where it looks great, even Hurtgen Forest or Aachen in high fidelity graphics. I would dig it.


Also ever since Battlefield 1 released, it’s like gamers are sighing in relief because there is someone who actually listened and set a game during a World War. It’s refreshing and it’s pretty nostalgic, no matter if this is one of the first World War I games ever  but gamers are clamoring for another World War game, maybe that’s just me because I just really want another World War based shooter.

It seems like a good time to return to World War after Battlefield 1’s success, I would love to return to World War II or another World War I game but done right.  I think it’s time to return to World War.

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