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Letters from the Front



Two weeks ago was November 11th, a day that will live on in World History, especially in England as a day of remembrance. It was Armistice Day, a holiday for those who served in the Great War and this year, it marked 98 years since the Allies marked the armistice with the German Empire that ended the war to end all wars.

It’s a history that is well known across the world, and it is celebrated everywhere in the Western Hemisphere and I feel like the “War Stories” in Battlefield 1 actually treated the holiday and the war itself with respect to those who fought in what was, the first true World War and a War that saw many people from across the world and across each empire come join the fight, even the United States joined in the fight.

When Battlefield 1 was first revealed to be one of the world’s first World War I games, I was extremely skeptical about the way the game would be. Would it feature the Americans in some sort of way, even a small mission?  Would the game feature the Australians at Gallipoli? What would the game be about? And I was glad that I turned out to be wrong. The game blew my expectations away.

Fast forward to the day the game came out, this past October and DICE blew me away, tenfolds with it’s campaign. I was a little bit late with the campaign, but nonetheless DICE did an actual good job since Bad Company 2. The tale may be a brief 6 hour journey, and it may not be realistic with the way the things are in the game, but the little things and the attention to detail are great, that’s what DICE did.

The script of the entire campaign was top notch, some of it came off as a little cheesy but that was alright. I never cringed or never got bored with it’s campaign, it was great fun and really memorable. It’s a testament to The Great War, a war that has been largely forgotten in History Class much like Vietnam or Korea. The campaign was touching and really good, I really liked the campaign. It’s a great way to tell a story.



The campaign is well-intentioned with a few missing effects of what occurred after and before, but that’s okay. You’re bound to miss certain facts,  the diversity of the entire campaign, with the way it tells it’s stories of multiple people is refreshing and it indicates that DICE actually did their best to honor the fallen heroes and respect the Great War, especially the beginning which was really hard to watch and listen too.

Personally, with the reception and the statement that the game did, I hope more developers see this game for what it is and return to what was for them, their roots with World War II games and go back to the past and see what you can do with it. The story comes close to one of my favorite WWII games and that was the Original Call of Duty , the missions in that game were standalone and there was no need to tie everything in, missions like capturing Pegasus Bridge in the early hours of Operation Overlord or seeing the same event from the American 101st Airborne as they fought to capture the town of Sainte-Mere-Eglise, or the Battle at Brecourt Manor, they just stood alone and that’s what I keep remembering. The experience, the memories, that’s what this campaign does for me personally. I hope more developers go back to World War and do something fresh with it, like Battlefield 1.



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