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Letters from the Front



Tom Clancy’s The Division: Survival is a new expansion to The Division and after spending several months away from the game after the last expansion, Survival is brutal and adds some sort of  survival gameplay mechanics to the game.

Survival is a new gamemode where you and 24 other people ( PvE or PvP.)  are trying to survive the brutal conditions. When it begins, you’re dropped at the edge of the map and have to meet up with the other survivors and have to get to the center of the map and retrieve the antiviral drugs and get out of there but in the meanwhile, you have to brave the conditions.

The mode is tough, you start with no gear or no weapons and you have to find everything the way, a normal person would in an apocalypse scenario.  Find weapons, find clothes, find ammo, stay warm, stay hydrated, and eat. You face the conditions of thirst, hunger, and a possible infection from the virus that has spread across New York. If you take medicine, then the virus will diminish it’s effectiveness on your health.  If you fail, you will face the consequences.



Death comes in many shapes in the new expansion to The Division. The elements and the enemies are against you, if you choose PvP, that means other agents are against you and by the end, the game tracks how you survived. If you score well enough, you get rewards in the base game.

What’s pretty cool is that every piece of clothing has stats in this mode, you can craft a hat to keep you warm and you can find other pieces of equipment in the world. You don’t have a minimap, you don’t have a line that directs you to where you go but you can check the main map and look for landmarks.

This isn’t Underground but the same concept of that expansion adds here but it’s a refreshing mode and an excellent addition to the game. The gameplay is still the same albeit with survival mechanics, which is great.

Survival adds some refreshing features to the game. I can’t wait to see if I can make it to the center of Manhattan and to The Dark Zone where I will be airlifted. I will judge it a little bit better once I can see if I can complete the mode.

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