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Letters from the Front


Watch Dogs 2 is a game that is set in a world similar to ours and it casts you as Marcus Holloway, a character that is far better then Aiden Pierce from the original game. Watch Dogs 2 is a game filled with opportunities and it has freedom to it, you can go wherever you want, do whatever you want, and it has big improvements over the original.

I didn’t like the original Watch Dogs, it was a game that was boring and really didn’t do much for me other then pass the time and the game ultimately fell short and was pretty forgettable. The issues with that game have been addressed with the sequel and the vehicles are way smoother to control this time.

Watch Dogs 2 gives you plenty to cause havoc with which is always fun. You can perform quick hacks with a touch of a button and everything will go your way but also you can go deeper, you can be precise and you can cause an electric fuse to go off, you can lay down traps and remote control vehicles to spin them out of control and the game is more open and less somber because of that. I really enjoy how Watch Dogs 2 can give you the wackiest of things and ultimately make everything seem more enjoyable.

Let’s go on to Marcus Holloway: The game’s main character, he is certainly a step up to Aiden Pierce who was  empty and very boring and just a very dark character, righteously so but still he was boring.  So far,  I’m liking Marcus more then I liked Aiden, by a mile although I’m starting to see from flaws.

Marcus is a character that supposed to have a strong sense of justice after being wrongly profiled by the city and the survillence system that was present in the original, CtOS and that causes him to go and break down the barrier. However, this contradicts his actions in ways that doesn’t really make sense but I hope as I progress through the game, this contradiction ends.  His actions seem more delinquent then someone who is trying to do justice but let’s see where it goes.


Your main goal in the game is have and gain more followers as possible as you expose the secrets of each corporation, but it feels like a popularity contest then something that is good, I would guess.

Anyways, I like where Watch Dogs 2 is going but let’s see where it progresses as I reach further to the endgame. I hope the narrative isn’t a waste or struggles, I want this game to be decent and much like Assassin’s Creed II but let’s see where it goes. Stay tuned for my review.

2 comments on “Watch Dogs 2: First Impressions

  1. I much preferred it to the original. It didn’t feel as clunky, and the gadgets were MUCH better, personally I loved using the drone. It relies a lot more on stealth too, which is always fun.

    1. Physics says:

      Yes, I agree. The Original was a little bit disappointing. The original deserves to be on everyone’s hate list of games, it’s a game that was so disappointing.

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