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Letters from the Front



In games like Rust, DayZ, and H1Z1, the theme of survival is present. It starts and ends at self-preservation; you must eat, you must change clothes, you must keep warm, you must drink, you must do this and do that and it is not justified. You’re in a situation where society has ended and you must think of yourself, it’s brutal and in The Division, it adds to that brutality and that’s humanity.

In Survival, you don’t think of yourself, you think of your team and yourself. You must protect your life and the lives of your teammates and along the way, you must retrieve six canisters that have the cure to take away the pandemic known as “The Dollar Flu.”

“The Dollar Flu.” has already ravaged New York and may ravage the entire country if you don’t those canisters. The flu threatens to go global and your retrieval is paramount to the entire human race. Unlike in DayZ or Rust, Survival states that “You fight for your fellow humans.”

An outbreak and now it’s about to go viral, it’s a set up that’s been done to death before in videogames and in movies but where most games about this topic is usually about you and think of yourself, Survival is all about you and your teammate and it asks “What about your fellow men.”  and it’s all about the mission and that’s what makes Survival different then most survival games like Rust, for example.

It’s not about self interest and it’s about the struggle of being human in a situation that nobody wants to be in. A situation where the world around them has fallen and the only thing that’s left is surviving and how to survive, it’s humanity.



It’s humanity that brings out the best of Survival, the new DLC to The Division and that theme helps the game, I  think. Of course there are issues with that, like you can solve blood loss with an energy bar and you don’t feel “human.” when you click on the menu and solve your issues with an energy drink or an energy bar, it’s the same and reliable means that you achieved victory in the base game.

It’s a videogame, so I expect that but I wish, it was more “human” then solving your issues by drinking or eating something. But one thing, I like about it is the theme of humanity surviving and the need to look after your teammates then yourself.

Check out my review for the new expansion coming soon.


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