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Letters from the Front


RE7’s demo is a good mystery. The Beginning Hour: Midnight exists somewhere between what came before the action oriented installments and the adventure game style puzzle solving set in a house of Konami’s PT, the infamous re-reveal of Kojima’s and Del Toro’s Silent Hills before it was shuttered  in 2015. Much like that famous demo, The Beginning Hour is a tonal piece for the next Resident Evil and it’s a teaser for the game which will be launched this coming January.

It is as obscure as Kojima’s P.T, it’s also just has stubborn as that demo.  It’s a house that is full  of questions and mysteries, and it has no answers but only subtle clues.

The beginning of the teaser is as uncertain as P.T was. You head down the hallway, get the boltcutters and open up the shelf and you insert the videotape and watch the video. That video is very mysterious, whatever happens in that video can affect the current situation that you are currently in, whatever you find in that video will affect the current situation that you’re in, whatever you do will affect the future although it’s very linear but there’s something there that has to do alot with the present. I believe there is far more to the Beginning Hour.

I spent an hour trying to find most of everything and look through clues left by people on the Internet and somehow, there are still mysteries that doesn’t give any answers  and this is where the demo gets weirder. That’s what one thing that I like about the demo, it’s interesting.


Even it’s a point of concept, it’s a great marketing tool. I just hope this one doesn’t end up being a complete disappointment of a game like the recent entries have been.

Although, this is something akin to PT and it’s riding on the coattails and it clearly shows but this is a pretty good marketing tool to show us how Resident Evil 7 will be like. I hope this game is a return to form for the franchise, stay tuned when RE7 releases this coming January.

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