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Letters from the Front

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The Battle of the Selle was a battle that took place in October of 1918. The British had crossed the Hindenberg Line and they had the Germans routed, resistance had stiffened and it looked like that the Autumn Offensive would grind to a halt but the Germans had set up positions along the Le Cateau-Wassigny Railway which was the grounds of a major battle after the Retreat from Mons in 1914, at the beginning of the Great War. Once the British made it to Le Cateau, they were in for a fight that would last for a couple of days, that’s what the new DLC for Battlefield 1 is all about.

The map is split into a couple of sectors, it’s a pretty huge map that has a crashed airship in the middle, hence “Giant’s Shadow.” and that’s where most of the action will take place, and alongside the sides are small towns and hamlets where the action won’t usually heat up, unless the British side pushed that far out and  since everyone is in the middle and is fighting over the crashed airship, there won’t be action around those areas. The map is extremely open, with little to no cover and it’s easy for snipers to pick off the enemy.

The map itself is pretty decent. It’s very pretty as well, it has that nice French countryside feel to it with farms and a windmill and small towns and hamlets that surround the spawn for the Germans. On the other side, the British spawn has the railway where major fighting took place 100 years ago and a woodmill where people would cut wood for whatever they need.  Also, the map comes with it’s own dynamic weather.

A light drizzle, alongside fog will come in as you fight over the french countryside and it will make the map very difficult to navigate and you might have to resort to looking out for silhouettes alongside the ridge lines and the flat terrain where the crashed airship is. The map is very flat, alongside a few ridgelines but very flat and it’s great for long range and CQC.


One thing that I like about Giant’s Shadow is that it’s very pretty. The fog comes in and makes things difficult for both of the teams, and when the rain comes on down, the graphics pop and it looks really good. The explosions from grenades and tanks looks really good, the muzzle fire of teammates and enemies exchanging gunfire looks great especially in the light drizzle.

Also, another thing is that now you can be in specator mode and watch the battle from afar like a director on a WWI movie. You can take screenshots, change filters when you get into the game and you can fly around the map and cling to players and see what they’re doing. It’s a really fun and neat little feature that DICE has managed to fit in, I believe this is the first time that DICE has had a spectator mode in the Battlefield franchise, although I might be wrong.

Giant’s Shadow is a good map, one of the good maps of Battlefield 1. Although, it’s open nature map is something that’s been a trend in Battlefield 1 but it’s a map that is accessible and suits alot of playstyles. Giant’s Shadow is available now for those that pre-ordered or picked up the Season Pass, the rest will get the map this Friday.

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