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Letters from the Front

To be honest, I started playing Telltale’s Walking Dead way back in 2014 when they announced that the second season and after the critical acclaim that the first season got way back in 2012, I had to try it.

Zombies are a thing now, they have become some sort of fad and it’s hard to surprise people when it comes to the undead. The usual tropes are there, blood is shed, relationships shatter, fighting in the group, etc but Telltale has always tried to make it different. Their version of the Walking Dead has always focused on the relationships, making choices and roleplay elements are there and that’s what makes the series so great.

In Season One, we played as Lee Everett who had a bond with a girl by the name of Clementine. In Season Two, we played as Clementine herself and now in Season Three, we’re back at square one with Javer Garcia taking on a similar role to that of Lee, and we see Clementine again from the outside.  In a way, in Season 3 it’s about their journey and the secrets that they hold as they manuever through the apocalypse.

The two episodes that serve as a backdrop  to their story and introduces Javier and showing what occurred after the events of Season 2. They have everything that you expect from a Telltale game, except that they reworked their engine and that is something that I wasn’t expecting. Season 3 sports a shiny new engine that makes everything look super shiny and somewhat realistic and really good. Although, it still sports issues like stuttering, framerate drops, freezing, and the usual Telltale things but it’s still good and very pretty.

Season Three has flashbacks that flesh out the secrets of both Javier and Clementine. I won’t spoil anything, but Clementine has seen some hard times and she has grown into a hardened surivivor because of this, and no longer is she a little girl from these events. The character growth is great.

At the end of Episode 2, it leads to a big cliffhanger and I can’t wait to see what happens next. So far, Season 3 is some sort of callback to Season 1 and it’s good to see both characters from different perspectives.  While certain things are still predictable, I like where it’s going.

The first two episodes sold me on Season 3, I like where it’s heading and if you still haven’t played Telltale’s TWD, go ahead.  You won’t be disappointed.

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