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Letters from the Front



Remember when cheat codes were a thing? Remember putting in a code and getting infinite ammo, god mode, all these things that made the game even better? I do and now the only game that I’ve played that has cheat codes was / is GTA.

Cheat codes were the currency of coolness. Cheat codes were the ability of accessing things that weren’t within the game and that was so awesome. I remember I used Cheat Codes as a shortcut, still do if a game offers that. Whenever, I return to GTA V which is once every blue moon, I go to the nearest spot and cause mayhem. Spawn a tank, spawn a chopper, spawn the entire gunlist. To be honest, I haven’t thought about cheat codes until I typed this up.

I see cheat codes differently now and now the gaming industry has moved forward and ultimately has annexed the need for such cheat codes, I would like for them to reappear once and a while. Like a  secret code for the next Call of Duty in the way that Call of Duty 4, World at War, Modern Warfare 2, and Black Ops had them. In World at War, you had to find cards around the single player that would grant you something, something awful and something cool at the same. There were usually three in one campaign mission, and were pretty easy to find. In Black Ops, you had to type in codes that were reminiscent of the transmissions that spies had to use during the Cold War. In Call of Duty 4 / Modern Warfare 2, you had to find Intel to get cheat codes and those cheat codes were awesome.



In Rockstar Vancouver’s  Bully, you could’ve gotten more ammo, all the fighting techniques from gym, all clothes to change Jimmy in, all the hobo fighting manuevers. Cheat codes in that game was great.

Remember GTA: San Andreas, you could spawn the Jetpack and fly all the way to Area 51 and getting six stars. Spawning infinite ammo, people attacking you with rocket launchers, spawning a tank and wrecking Los Santos in it. Those were great days, I miss cheat codes but I understand the need for no longer having them unless they’re in GTA.

I miss cheat codes, they will never die. Cheat codes are immortal and may they never go away.  Do you miss cheat codes? Sound off in the comment below.






6 comments on “Why I Miss: Cheat Codes

  1. The prevalence of the internet is the issue here. The second a cheat code is discovered it will be online and everyone will be using it, losing a lot of its mystique. I like the idea of earning them though, the way Goldeneye did it would be perfect for the modern age.

    1. Physics says:

      The internet is at fault here, but it gets the word out. I agree though, it loses it’s mystique and the effect of using it. I agree with that, earning them the way that Goldeneye did it. I remember back in 2002, my friend still had it and we just used cheat codes left and right.

      Also, slaps only. 🙂

  2. I really do miss cheat codes. I had so much fun with the crazy rocket launcher wielding pedestrians in GTA. Infinite health is also a great confidence booster 🙂

    1. Physics says:

      I love god mode so much! It’s so great! Especially paired with Infinite Ammo,

  3. I loved using cheat codes, but I found that they took something out of my game if I used them. As they started to get phased out, I was forced to get better at the games I played.

    I still love booting up Half-Life or Starcraft and cheating like crazy though!

  4. I always loved playing the GTA games with cheat codes, especially if I just felt like causing mayhem. I can understand why they were phased out, and I (suppose I) appreciate that now I have to rely on skill, which has forced me to get better at playing, but they were great.

    And I loved that jetpack! I also liked in Vice City (I think? Or was it in 3?) when you could modify the cars so they drove on water and get to places you couldn’t, otherwise.

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