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Letters from the Front



The standalone teaser for Resident Evil 7, titled “The Beginning Hour.” has contracted a comparison between Kojima’s famous P.T demo and let’s be frank here, it clearly shows. P.T has had a healthy influence on the game and the genre itself, and maybe there are fans of P.T at Capcom and it’s a mix of P.T with horror movies “Texas Chainsaw.” and “The Hills Have Eyes.”

The tone and the overall thematic underlying that the game has is interesting.  I’m presuming the story is about the Baker family and their son, Lucas and you’re the man who’s the Ghost Hunter and gets captured by one of the Bakers and you have to escape the mansion. At the end of the demo, I’m presuming that the man that grabs you is Mr. Baker and says “Welcome to the family, Son.” as he knocks you out. There are family photos around the house, it’s a place that is frozen in time.

The Beginning Hour isn’t a final representation of the final game, The Beginning Hour is a tone piece of how RE7 will look like when it drops in January of 2017. It’s a tonal shift that is interesting, it’s a shift from big budget zombie action to something more frightening which is man himself and it’s a shift to frightening horror, induced by thinking and paranoia of what’s behind that door, or what’s up the stairs, or what’s in that hallway, and finally what’s in the basement.

I think that’s what makes me a little bit hopeful for this Resident Evil, because frankly the franchise went from horror to something that doesn’t represent horror. It went from horror to action to more action that doesn’t represent anything, and now it has returned to that horror aspect that we love the franchise for.



The demo was legitimately creepy but not super terrifying, it made you feel uncomfortable and uneasy like and made you wonder what’s behind everything. That was a feeling that I’ve haven’t gotten since the Outlast II demo this past Halloween. The demo was set in a part of the mansion that was probably removed from the mansion itself, it had several layers and the basement was the worst. The game plays on your fears of the unknown and your fear of the dark and monsters, in the basement there was a legit monster that scared me half to death. The monster was a zombie, but not the traditional zombie it was a monster zombie which I think replaces the traditional zombies of the past six games.

The zombie here had long teeth, was very tall, and had claws and he could infect you. His body was greenish like, molded like and was super terrifying. You could kill him but I chose not too until I got the pistol that was in the bathroom, I went back and finished him off and soon I went back to my usual routine of exploring the house. The house was very spooky and I like how the game plays on your fears of abandoned and empty houses, much like P.T did but this was different.

The house was empty and very traditional, very southern like and had things that played with you and wondered what was going on. Although, it was a trope of the usual abandoned creepy house that most horror games or horror movies have, this was different. Mannequins would change positions much like in Condemned, the house would turn a different color like a foggy blue filter then the usual brown like something was about to occur. The demo was very similar to the tone of “The Hills Have Eyes.” and “Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” , which I think was inspiration for Resident Evil 7.

Nonetheless, Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour left a good impression on me and I’m hoping this turns out to be a comeback for franchise. I’m prepared for Resident Evil to go back to it’s roots and be scary once again.

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