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Letters from the Front



I finally can write about my experiences with the Outlast II demo this past Halloween, something that I’ve been sitting on since I had plenty of games worth writing about now I can actually tell you about my first experience with Outlast II, something that most people have already seen at PAX 2016.

I thought Outlast II was pretty weird and yet fascinating at the same time as I peered through the camera that was given to you at the very start of the demo. I was using the camera to investigate a creepy house in the middle of the Arizona desert and a few minutes later, a tongue that looked like something out of Cthulhu grabbed me and I was dragged into a Catholic school and soon I realized, that I mistook this game for being weird, it was super weird and super odd.

I played about roughly about 20-40 minutes of the game before it ended with you getting chopped with an scythe or an axe. I don’t have a clue about what the game is about, although I can get a sense for the  plot: You wake up in the middle of nowhere after a crash and you have to find your wife, Lynn who was gone missing within the village. You wake up alone in the desert and have to find your way out, beyond that is a village where your wife has gone missing. Sometimes, you find things that are interesting, sometimes you see some farmer and sometimes Lynn screams in terror off screen and you’re off to a frantic search for your wife, which is a trope in recent game memory.

Basically: Outlast II is about finding your wife but also something deep down resides in the game itself: It’s about exploring the town and about uncovering the mystery in the Arizona desert and  presumably in one night. Outlast II is about surviving.

Outlast II, much like the original game is about creating an unease feeling in your stomach and making you wonder what’s behind that door, what’s in the corner of that hallway, is somebody going to pop out? It relies heavily on atmosphere which is something that I like in games, the gameplay is fine in the two Outlast games but the atmosphere is terrific.



The demo was very disjointed and very Cthulhu-like, which is very much a plus for me. The overall scope of Outlast II is grand and vast. Outlast II feels fleshed out and expanded upon, like most sequels do but this feels totally different then the original and creepier then the original. The demo was beautiful, I liked how the moon shined through the foggy night sky, I liked how the flashlights of the farmers waved through the cornrows, I liked how the lightning of the houses looked like in.I liked how the details of the game popped, it was very beautiful.

The game was very dirty, scary, and sometimes confusing but I think that’s the sole reason why I like it. It was very confusing and kept you wondering, it was very Cthulhu-like but I feel like this demo is something that you might see in the game, the demo was a mishmash of things that you’ll actually see in the final game. I hope in the final game, we see more Cthulhu like moments.

In the final part, I had to run through a cornfield and went towards the big light and suddenly, my fate was sealed as a woman came out with an axe or a scythe and killed me and that was the end of the demo.  My short time with Outlast II was great and I can’t wait to see what’s in the final game.

Outlast II releases on all platforms this Spring.


4 comments on “Hands On: Outlast II

  1. I enjoyed the demo but wasn’t a big fan of the corn field section as I felt it lacked direction. The fear factor lessened once I decided to sneak around the perimeter until I found the way the game wanted me to go. Up until that point I loved it! I’m looking forward to the full game regardless, especially considering the Lovecraftian suggestions in the demo.

    1. Physics says:

      Same. I found the cornrows to be extremely confusing and took me about 2o minutes to know where to go, I kept hiding in the barn or in the water or in the little barrel until I found the big light.

      I didn’t know you could go around the field from the outside.

      1. I don’t mean outside, just around the edges of it. Didn’t get found once whilst doing that. Kind of killed the fear.

      2. Physics says:

        That would have been a great help. I got found numerous times by the villagers, I bet that it killed the fear. Shame, I would have known that while I was playing.

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