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Letters from the Front


To be honest, I haven’t played a Call of Duty since Advanced Warfare in 2014 which had Kevin Spacey and Troy Baker. With Infinite Warfare, we’re going into an uncharted place for the series.

Four years ago, Infinity Ward released Ghosts, a game I never had the pleasure of playing but it was a game that could’ve matched the reception that the Modern Warfare trilogy and Black Ops had but it failed. For the first time in the series, other then the older titles, a trilogy wasn’t born and it was left to the ages. In the place of Ghosts, Infinite Warfare was created and it’s reveal trailer was the most downvoted in Youtube history with Battlefield 1, being the most upvoted trailer in the history of Youtube. The end result is very interesting.

The recent foray into the future or far future has been a trend that has at least existed since Call of Duty: Black Ops II in 2012. So, this being in space in the future is really a no brainier and more like an eye roll because you already know what to expect.  Despite the setting, the campaign is where it’s at and of course Infinity Ward’s version of Zombies, the campaign is a return to basics. The story is one basic concept: Is the mission more important then the lives of those that are your command?

It’s a moral question that’s been too heavy to ask in the earlier installments and some of the themes in recent Call of Duty’s have been good but struggled under the weight of depth to be honest.  But Infinite Warfare is completely different, the writing is strong and the characters are pretty believable and they’re strong, something that we haven’t seen since the characters of the Modern Warfare Trilogy and the two Black Ops games.  It’s the case of strong narrative and success is whether you remember their names or not, or if you care when they perish. I really haven’t cared since the gang in the two Modern Warfare and the first Black Ops because Call of Duty likes to kill off their characters for shock and it’s something that’s to be expected.

I’m already starting to see some weak points and this game’s villain is more like the villains of the previous games, Kit Harrington who plays Jon Snow in Game of Thrones is flat and very boring and luckily, you don’t often see much of him is a plus because he’s really uninspiring.


Zombies in Infinite Warfare leans heavily on Treyarch’s version of the mode and it’s super duper fun. I haven’t had this much fun with Zombies since at least Black Ops II, four random heroes are gathered and must survive and do some wacky shit in order to unlock the Easter egg which has been a overlying theme since the first Black Ops.

This version takes place at a theme park in the 1980’s with a bunch of weaponry from the far far future with archetypes like the Girl, the Jock, the Nerd,  and the Rapper and they all must come together.

The layout is basically the exact same as Treyarch’s version of the mode. The fundamentals are exactly the same as they are in the World at War / Black Ops games and this version is extremely easy. I was astonished on how easy it was just to get to Round 30 and Round 35 on solo and with a team of two or three, it’s extremely easier just to get around. This version of Zombies likes to hand hold you which I hate, there are tips and hints and the mode tells you what to do which is a form of hand-holding that I don’t like at all.

The actual zombies here don’t like to corner you at all, they just fling themselves at you and unless you actually put yourself in a corner, they won’t do it. There are these magic cards that help you fight the zombies, like there’s this card that if you activate it, all the zombies that hit you will light up in flames and there’s another one that shocks them if they hit you. Another bone thrown is attachments on weapons, whatever weapon you rank up via multiplayer will carry over to Zombies and vice versa. Experience will carry over on that weapon, it’s generous something that this specific version of the mode likes to do.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is proving to be a decent Call of Duty, let’s see if that turns out to be the case. Check out my review soon.

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