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Letters from the Front



The Wii U is dead and it’s deader then dead. This is a commonly known fact, I would say that it was dead on arrival: despite having more games that launched with it then the Switch and the system was already a product of a bygone era once Fall 2013 rolled around, which was a year later. That doesn’t matter now, what matters now is that can the Switch bring back the Nintendo that we saw pre-2012?

At the extended reveal on January 12th, the publisher made it’s case for the Switch, it isn’t just a console, it’s a hybrid. The joycons aren’t regular controllers, they’re detachable and are meant for motion and movement. Fresh entries into Zelda and Mario, as well as Splatoon and Western games from EA, 2K, and Bethesda such as: NBA 2K18, FIFA 18, and Skyrim which turns 6 years old this November.

What I came out of the presentation was that the Switch is basically the Wii and Wii U again but remixed, with a clearer message then last time. There’s no mistaking that the Joycons are a remix and a successor to the Wii remote, and the games that failed on the Wii U can come again on something that folks want. While $300 is bit higher then what the rumors were suggesting, it’s a price that we haven’t seen in a long time, the price is an architecture that can help ensure the price drops will keep in line with how the market is going to work in 2017.  Also, taking Skyrim and Zelda on the go seems alluring and very cool.

I just feel that right now, two months short of release there are way too many questions that need clarification from Nintendo. So far, all the information that I’ve gotten from numerous big websites is that there are only four games that will launch alongside it and the rest will release later in March. Zelda will move units because it’s Zelda, but I’m not sure if Just Dance 2017 and 1-2 Switch amongst other games will move the console because we are no longer living in a time where you can launch a console with a somewhat shaky launch-lineup that has most of the games being motion-control.

A few questions that need answering is: How does the Interface looks like? What about this and what about that, can someone move over their games to the Switch if they have it on Wii U? These are important questions that need answering. What’s more uncertain is how does the Online infrastructure look like, how much will it cost? What are the free games? I like that Nintendo is finally pushing into the “Live” or “Network” situation, that way they can compete with the competition. But that’s cool and all that they’ll be able to compete, but we have another situation that needs addressing: Nintendo always has had some checkered past with the Internet of some  sorts, how many of the Switch’s online features that includes Party Chat, Voice Chat, the ability to upload game clips and screenshots, and much more aren’t really coming until sometime in the Fall or Summer, there’s concern there.



I’m hopeful for Nintendo and the Switch. I’m excited that people also want to see them succeed after the disaster of the Wii U, Nintendo has alot of things to prove to people that this isn’t their last shot and that they’re still in the game. I know some people are already calling the Switch dead in the water, but let’s give it a year or two and see where the Switch ends up. I’m glad that the Switch is giving a second wind to Nintendo but this time, they have to come out swinging.

Now’s the time to play ball, Nintendo.

6 comments on “Can the Switch Bring Nintendo Back?

  1. They are still taking a risk with this one, but the fact that Zelda is a launch title will be a big help. The problem is the lack of a pack in game. A big factor in the success of the Wii was Wii Sports. 1, 2, Switch would have been a good thing to include here. Time will tell!

    1. Physics says:

      They are taking a risk and indeed Zelda will be a big help, I’m not worried about first party games but I want to know if EA, 2K, and Bethesda will stick it out with them as they have done on the Xbox and Playstation side. I want to know if they will be able to land 3rd party games and publishers on the Switch because it would be a shame if they can’t land it and this ends up being another Wii U disaster.

      1. Yeah, the 3rd party Wii U debacle is a concern with this console. Can’t have that happen again. This system is a touch more transitional though so hopefully they should do better.

      2. Physics says:

        I agree, they can’t be slipping, especially now with the new console. I’m not worried about first party games because they’re going to sell no matter what, people dig Mario and Splatoon and Zelda, but I’m really worried about third party and I’m sure people are concerned over that as well if they’re going to pick it up. There needs to be games that satisfy all people’s needs and there needs be a grand scale of games on there as well.

        Hopefully, 3rd party games get on there. Bethesda, EA, and 2K is good work but question is, how long will they support it and if Nintendo can get others onboard?

  2. You bring up some great points. The interface is a big concern, and Nintendo doesn’t have a great history with UI design.

    Also, while it’d be nice for Nintendo to allow people to carry over their purchases, their track record shows that they’re all too happy to make people repurchase games on each platform they own. Even if you own two 3DSes, you’d need to purchase multiple digital copies of a game to play on either.

    I can’t imagine that Nintendo would charge more than $30 a year for their service, but given that they’re only going to offer free NES/SNES games for their free title each month (and revoke the license after the month is out), it doesn’t appear that the value is there.

    That said, the burden of proof is on them to show their platform is worth the cost. We’ll see I suppose…

    1. Physics says:

      I can’t either imagine them charging more then $30, that’s a good deal as opposed to Xbox Live and Playstation Network. I’m not sure why they’re not taking the Xbox and Playstation route of just letting you keep the free games for that month. Another thing, they need to show is 3rd party support, I doubt people would like to keep playing Mario day in and day out, it’s something they have struggled with and they need to fix it.

      I agree, it’s on them to show us and the world that the platform is worth the money and worth the time and effort but we’ll see. I wish them all the best and succeed with the platform.

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