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Letters from the Front



Maize is probably the oddest game you’ll probably play this year. As far as game concepts go, this concept is odd and probably something you’ll say once you get shitfaced drunk: Two scientists misread a US Government memo and create sentient corn. You’re accompanied by a robot Russian bear called Vladdy as you “uncover the mysteries” of the surrounding corn fields. With a synopsis like that, how many mysteries are there to uncover?

Now, Maize is a very absurd first person narrative driven game. After playing the game, for about 3 hours, I know some things that will interest you and probably not interest you. The game feels like a old fashioned click and point adventure game with beautiful graphics, it definitely pops in 4K. You’ve been tasked with uncovering a mystery on a corn farm that has sentient corn.

With the three hours I’ve played, the point and click inspired parts of the game feel old fashioned and rote. Majority of the time, you’ll pick up things and examine them and solve things with them. It’s basically common sense but they rely on trial and error for the most part. The game doesn’t want to stump you, it just wants to make you laugh most of the time which isn’t bad. The story is very funny, the corn which is sentient is not evil but they speak in english posh accents and speak riddles, and you have a bear by the name of Vladdy who’s Russian and is an asshole to you.  He’s able to help you but usually, majority of the time, he’s a grumpy bear. Maize is very fascinating.



The only problem with Maize that I’ve encountered is the bear, he’s very mean to you but can also help you with terminals. He’s an asshole and very annoying, I wish I could deconstruct him but also he’s a very cute bear who just happens to be an asshole, I’m torn between hating and loving the bear.

The humor also shines throughout the world and items you pick up, I found two rocks by the name of Mabel and Chauncey and that kind of me made me chuckle. Maize is definitely an odd game. The more I think about this game, I kind of keep laughing and want to play it for some odd reason. Also, don’t press Q. Seriously, don’t press Q, it doesn’t do shit at all.

Make sure to come back for the review and it’s available now on PC.



2 comments on “Maize: First Impressions

  1. I’ve heard about this one through Co-Optional. Sounds pretty interesting and I may well check it out some time this year.

    1. Physics says:

      It’s a very strange game, it’s odd. The bear sells it to be honest.

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