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Letters from the Front


( This is the PC Beta Thoughts for Halo Wars 2 “Blitz” Beta )

Halo Wars 2 is shaping up to be a really good RTS game in the universe of Halo and in the overall lore of Halo. If you’ve played the original Halo Wars at any time prior to this one, you’ll find alot of familarity and if you’re new to the Halo Wars series like I am, then you’ll find alot to like about it.

This particular version of the beta is about the “Blitz” mode where it’s a hybrid that takes what’s good about RTS games and ties it to collectible cards that can help in battle, you’ll be able to open card packs that you earn and these cards will help you to gain the upper hand. Each of these cards hold different items and resource costs, for example the Grunt is cheap while the Spartans are powerhouses that cost a fortune within the game. Once, you have the cards at your disposal, you can build your deck around a specific leader and their powers and abilities will compliment your playstyle. Each leader has three decks that are unique to them, so you don’t have to do anything like burning them if you want to play with a different playstyle.

When you get into a round of Blitz, you’ll spend energy you earn or find around the map to play these cards and summon your troops to the fight. You can burn a little bit of your energy to get a card out of your hand for the next one, but there’s a line drawn in the sand that you have to make sure that you have the amount of energy to have a presence and have enough troops at your disposal. There’s a few more layers attached to it, especially when you’re with a teammate and working together to dominate the map but the game mode is very simple.



From the amount of matches I’ve played this week during the time of the beta, the mode is completely approachable without the need to get frightened or intimidated. There’s no base building here or anything that will be featured in the main modes, everything here is for your enjoyment and they usually last around a couple minutes ( 7 to 12 minutes ) instead of an hour or two hour play session.

There’s also a firefight mode attached to Blitz that can be played alone or with a friend, which pits you against aggressive A.I until you’re overwhelmed or die. It’s fun because it’s Firefight and it’s great practice before you hop into the real thing with real people. It’s a fantastic mode.

I didn’t expect to have so much fun with the mode, I didn’t expect to be drawn into Halo once again after this but I’ve returned to it with Halo Wars 2.  Halo Wars 2 is something out of left field that I didn’t see coming, it looks really promising when it releases at the end of February.  Stay tuned for the first impressions coming February 21st, 2017.



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