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Letters from the Front


( Fallout 4 isn’t a terrible game at all, it isn’t a failure but it’s a failure on the aspects of being an RPG game.) 

To be honest, I resonated more with Fallout 4 but I’m more impressed with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and love The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt with all my being, something that I can’t really say for Fallout 4. Fallout 4 and The Witcher 3 are amazing games, one of this generation’s best RPGs if you can call Fallout 4 that but one of them will be remembered for how it pushed the boundaries of the genre with amazing characters, storytelling, and an epic conclusion while the other was just trying to get you to shoot at things.

Fallout 4 was a missed opportunity in every sense of the word, it had alot of things missing especially a chance to get to know who you are and get know your family at the beginning of the game, even though I watched the E3 presentation. I was hoping that there would be at least an hour after creating your character that you’ll get to go outside and experience this world that you’ve never seen before, I was hoping that you’ll get to know your family and have a connection with them before the bombs fell. The game just rushed you without getting to know anything and then the actual game began as abruptly as it began.

It was also another missed opportunity to solve issues without the need to pull your gun out, this opportunity was missed when you stumbled upon a racetrack with Mr. Handys racing each other and an announcer yelling into a microphone that has seen it’s heyday. The crowd was cheering and I was hoping that maybe you can bet caps or pre-war money on whoever won, but I forgot this is Fallout 4.

The situation in Fallout 4 is to murder everybody in your path, there didn’t come a time where I can speak with the announcer or the crowd unless it was in a hail of bullets and gibbing people. My arrival to the racetrack was met with gunshots and everybody turning hostile to a curious traveler of the End Times. This issue is one of many issues I have with Fallout 4, and it irks me that I have so much issues with a game in a franchise that I deeply adore.

Far Harbor

The world of Fallout is stunning, especially within Fallout 4. Within Fallout 4, the environment pops in 4K resolution and it comes to life only to die with violence.  The Witcher 3’s world of Velen and Novigrad comes to life and it stays that way, the world drips with sin and drips with the blood of your enemies, the world of Toussaint in Blood and Wine comes to life and is alluring despite fighting vampires and uncovering a mystery within the city of Beauclair but not Fallout 4. Fallout 4’s world is static and doesn’t change at all, it’s all about Violence. Within the combat zone where you meet a new companion, there was going to be a feature where you could’ve bet on fights and there was going to be a shop where you can purchase items, there was going to be a bar but if you go there now in the final game, all there is violence and no interaction whatsoever. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if Fallout 4 was exactly like Fallout: New Vegas or Fallout 3 where you could go somewhere and it would mean something?

This isn’t a problem that’s associated with Fallout 4, it’s a common theme of Bethesda where they constantly keep dumbing down their games in favor of combat. Take a look at Skyrim, it’s a masterpiece but it isn’t no way as good or great as Oblivion or Morrowind and take a look at Fallout 4, it isn’t as great as Fallout 3 was or Obsidian’s Fallout: New Vegas where you could solve problems with your voice than your gun, where you could use your gun as a last resort.

The dialogue system is also a problem that I face with the game, looking back at it as it turns two years old this coming November. The dialogue system is completely dumbed down to that of Mass Effect or The Witcher, the words you say within Fallout 4 doesn’t even matter. Fallout 4 has nothing meaningful about it’s dialogue system, and the skill tree is really nothing compared to the number balance and the skill chart of Fallout 3 and New Vegas where you had to pick and choose what you want, do you want a higher chance of success in speech? Do you want to have higher Science for those pesky computer terminals? There’s nothing to do with Roleplaying at all in Fallout 4, there’s no level cap and you can unlock everything in one go if you want. There’s nothing unique about your character at all which is a shame because my character in Fallout 3 or New Vegas was unique. There’s nothing meaningful or your choices don’t matter within the game, let me tell you about the time that I recovered a statue’s genitals in Blood and Wine.


To be honest, The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt wasn’t my personal game of the year since that honor went to Fallout 4 but now I’ve made a mistake, it should’ve been my game of the year of 2015. The ending to the saga is one of the most memorable games and trilogies I’ve ever had the chance of playing, I fell in love with the game because you could find the most outrageous, funny, and tragic stories that never required to kill anybody at all.

In this quest, I had to find Reginald’s “sack” which has gone missing for several days, it grants people the stamina to have sex 24/7 hours a day, all day and everyday.  I track down the statue’s sack at a old man’s house who bangs a soldier’s wife and the wife’s cousin, it’s hilarious because the man’s tone and Geralt’s grumpy-ness makes that quest so memorable and so funny.  Throughout The Witcher 3, you’ll come across quests that are all about conversations and moments with the characters. In another memorable quest, you’ll get to speak to a troll and it’s so funny because the entire quest is about getting a can of paint, and another one which occurs in Hearts and Stone where Geralt is possessed by a ghost of the main contractor’s brother, he attends a wedding with Shani who he adores and tries to win over. Geralt catches pigs, dives for shoes and dancing, when I think about The Witcher 3, I reminded of those times and I’m roaring with laughter.  Compare that to the dull and constant violence of Fallout 4?

All I can say is that Fallout 4 was some sort of disappointment now looking back to the Fall of 2015, where I was looking at it with the way I looked at Fallout 3, the first time around. It’s disappointing and I say to Bethesda, do better and return to the RPG mechanics and memorable moments that made Fallout 3 so memorable.

3 comments on “The Failure Of: Fallout 4

  1. I’m still playing Fallout 4, but I did run into that racetrack area you mentioned. As I approached I thought “hey this might be a fun side quest or something”. But nope, everyone just started attacking me when I entered. I never thought about it but you’re right. Fallout 4 is very violent with no real peaceful options. I do enjoy selecting the sarcastic response option, even if it doesn’t really matter what my character says, lol.

    1. Physics says:

      Me too! When I ran into it, I was like “Hmm. Maybe I can bet on one of them and earn money?” but as soon as I show up, everybody turns hostile and starts shooting at me. When I entered the Combat Zone, I was like “Hmm. Maybe I can do things in here? Perhaps fight in the ring as well?” but once again, the raiders turn to me and start shooting at me. I love the sarcastic response options, those responses are GOLD.

      1. I remember the Combat Zone! I was hoping I could be a fighter or something too. Why does everyone want to shoot my character on sight? She’s, mostly, a good person, lol.

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