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Letters from the Front


The Allied victory in North Africa in 1942 has stretched the Axis hold on the Mediterranean to the breaking point, the Allies know that the time to breach Fortress Europe is now but the Allies need more then a plan to launch Operation Husky, they need a professional who can take out the German weapon that threatens not only the Allied Invasion of Italy but also threatens victory in Europe for the Allies. Enter Karl Fairburne, who’s fresh from his time in North Africa, he’s sent to Italy by the OSS before Operation Husky begins to set everything in motion for the breakthrough of Fortress Europe. If successful, the Allies can begin to liberate Sicily and mainland Italy, and have the Mediterranean sea lanes open for Allied ships coming back and forth, also another goal was to topple Benito Mussolini and his government so it is the utmost priority that  Karl succeeds.

Operation Husky was the beginning of the Allied breakthrough in Europe, and the beginning of the Italian campaign that would last until the very end of the war in Europe.  Once the Axis forces were routed out of Tunisia, the Allied strategic bomber forces commenced attacks on Sardinia and southern Italy that includes the ports at Messina, Palermo, Naples, and Cagliari which was in Sardinia. Bombings began in northern Italy and Greece increased, and eventually several months of this resulted in the Allied landings beginning the southern breakthrough of western Europe in July of 1943.

Sniper Elite 4 puts you in the shoes of the franchise’s mascot and central protagonist, Karl Fairburne where his adventure takes him to Italy before the Allied invasion to assassinate key members of the Third Reich and to assist the Italian Resistance who are embroiled in fight against the Germans and the Italians. I can safely say that Rebellion has created a stealth third person shooter that is empowering and well-rounded, here is my first impressions of the sequel.

There’s more then one way to kill your enemies, my favorite method is generic and also pretty funny: A shot to the head and a shot to the testicles where I’m always rolling in the dirt, laughing so hard but I also enjoy using imagination and creativity to kill like dropping a net of cargo to planting mines and watching people fly and tanks exploding. I believe that Sniper Elite 4 is one of the best games in the franchise since Sniper Elite V2. I’m not interested in the multiplayer so the first impressions and review will solely be on the campaign of Sniper Elite 4, although I will try the co-op that the game has and that should be a very fun time.

The story is about a German weapon that can cause havoc for the Allies and victory will be forever lost to the Allies, and also an Allied subterfuge in Italy is routine and cliche but I like the fact that you can team up with the Resistance and I like that the cutscenes aren’t filler and don’t intrude on gameplay, the gameplay is the center of attention in Sniper Elite 4 and that’s awesome. Each mission drops you into a level that’s open and filled with things to do: You’re on your own in a map filled with enemies and optional side missions, you can customize your weapons and skins and play however you like, the game is suited to every playstyle but I would rather go stealthy.


The enemies are classic videogame enemies, not because it’s Allies vs. Axis but they’re simple minded: You can run away if you’re spotted and they’ll look for you and then return to their routines, like nothing happened. They witness you shooting their friends and they just return to whatever it is that they were doing, it’s weird.

The coolest thing that you can do within Sniper Elite 4 is Ghost Sniping, you can wait for a plane or artillery to fire and plop,plop,and plop. Your enemies won’t hear you killing their friends, you can spend 20 minutes on shooting the enemies before you have to go to a different position and finish the job. Sniper Elite 4 likes to tell you that you should move to different positions but the game likes to give you options and more leeway if you want to snipe quietly. Sneaking is slow, you have the traditional equipment like throwing rocks, a whistle, and explosives.

I like stealth but I like doing things traditionally as well, I like fun and stealthy isn’t fun. The game opens up to you if you say to yourself, “Stop trying to be stealthy.” and instead say, “How can I let my hair down and make the most noise possible without being spotted?”

One tactic I like to use is to find a good spot and snipe several enemies and then go to cover to cover, wipe out some enemies and climb down from my spot and silently execute them or sometimes I like to let my hair down and just go all in with my Thompson and wipe out everybody so I complete the objectives without anybody bothering me. The combat mechanics is similar to Sniper Elite 3, Sniper Elite 4’s sniper mechanics play similar to Battlefield’s where you must judge the distance and wind speed and you must count for gravity as well, but you can turn all that off in Sniper Elite 4 and play it like you’re sniping on Call of Duty where the shot will go wherever you have the crosshair at and you’ll find it easier.


Beware if you want to play Sniper Elite 4, the game tends to auto-save in the middle of gunfights rather then at save points but you can also manual save the game which becomes necessary, the progression of the weapons aren’t really great either, I just use my starting rifle which is the classic Springfield and my starting Thompson, although I do use enemies’ weapons like the MP40 or K98K and the M1 Garand but I don’t have the need to try every single weapon.

Sniper Elite 4 is great and runs perfect, the big levels take seconds to load and the graphics pop in 4K resolution. The Italian countryside and villas are stunning in 4K, there are some graphical errors I’ve encountered but it shouldn’t be an annoyance.

There’s still some game that I have to get through, and mess around with the co-op also there is a horde-like mode that my friends and I can hop in and mess around with, make sure to check back later for my review of Sniper Elite 4.

2 comments on “SE4: First Impressions

  1. I really want to try this. Sounds like it’s holding up to the third entry.

  2. Physics says:

    It’s definitely good. I really like it, I really miss the World War II setting and this is a good placeholder until later on this year.

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