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( Note: This is First Impressions of the Campaign.)

Titanfall 2 is a test for Respawn Entertainment, it’s their first test with a sequel to a new project and since the game released last October, the game hasn’t lit the world on fire and it’s a lack of sales proves that the game has been cannibalized to a degree by Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Titanfall 2 is the first  sequel from the creators of Call of Duty, Call of Duty 4, and Modern Warfare 2  and the original basked in the glory and excitement that was born out of Respawn’s beginnings.

I never played the original Titanfall when it released in 2014, but people were playing it and were excited for it and they wanted to root for the little guy who had proven himself with the biggest franchise in the world but they had to start again so to speak, they rooted for them in return they forgiven them of a singleplayer campaign and a full price tag for multiplayer only content, but in 2015 the game went on a decline due to a lack of content and soon the game would die because of said content.

Titanfall 2 is fresh in a due respect that the game has a singleplayer campaign in addition to a new revised multiplayer experience that I have no pleasure of playing. On paper, Titanfall 2 is it what the original Titanfall should’ve been but in reality, Titanfall 2’s campaign feels like a “Modern Warfare” game if Call of Duty 4 and MW2 didn’t have any focus to it’s campaign.

Titanfall 2’s campaign is about Jack Cooper and his Titan “A.I” who he has a bond with and the story is about going through some sort of conspiracy. After a mission has gone awry, Jack and another pilot’s Titan is forced to bond together to go through the world, I would tell you more about the story but I’m early in the game and I don’t know much about the game’s history and the lore since I never played the original game.



I don’t understand why there’s a war going on, how it happened and why does the war continue going? It doesn’t help if you’re new to the franchise and it doesn’t help that characters have weird names and a weird mercenary group with the name “Apex Predators” which sounds alot like a MLG group from Call of Duty e-sports. The voice acting for the game doesn’t really help either since it’s pretty mediocre to downright bad.

There are some good spots to Titanfall 2 which sends me back to Modern Warfare 2, the game feels alot like Modern Warfare 2 because it has that air around it, the gunplay is really good and feels tight, the wallrunning and boost jumping feels good although it does remind me alot of Black Ops III and Infinite Warfare but it doesn’t get confusing. Moment to Moment gameplay is fantastic, it feels alot like Modern Warfare 2 in Moment to Moment, it’s organic like Modern Warfare 2 and fast like Infinite Warfare and all of this shines when the game pushes your abilities and the gunplay is like liquid, it just feels so good.

The mechanics for Titanfall 2 is really solid and they come together, the comparison is Call of Duty and that’s not because the developers are the developers of the two greatest games of all time but it legitimately feels like a Call of Duty game that Respawn would’ve made if Respawn was still at Infinity Ward. The game feels good to play, even though the narrative isn’t that good but I hope it changes.

So far, Titanfall 2’s campaign is mediocre but I hope all of this changes. Consistency  is a huge problem for this game. Granted, I’m a bit harsh on things but I can change my mind later when I get further and hopefully I change my mind once I wrap up the campaign, I would  like to like this game because of the gameplay mechanics and the overall “Old Infinity Ward” feel that the game has but let’s see. Make sure to check my review coming this March.




4 comments on “Titanfall 2: First Impressions

  1. I want to try this, but I worry about the multiplayer side. Online multiplayer isn’t something I’m all that invested in (apart from maybe Siege) so if the campaign is short I may have to miss it until it’s super cheap. Looks pretty great though.

    1. Physics says:

      Yes, sir. The only multiplayer I play is Battlefield 1 and I’m good. The singleplayer is good, but I have deep problems with characters and the narrative of the singleplayer, I hear the campaign is 5 hours but knowing me, I will take forever with it. I picked the game up for $20 in the Bargain Bin.

      1. That’s a pretty deep discount! About £15 it would be. Once it hits the £10 mark I’ll probably give it a go.

      2. Physics says:

        I just found in the bin, I found it weird though because it’s still fairly new in some aspect but it’s fine, definitely give it a go.

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