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Letters from the Front


( This is from Battlefield 1: CTE. CTE is Community Test Environment, it will release on other platforms later this year. For now, CTE is on the PC. This doesn’t serve as an first impressions, just as a first look.) 

In July of 1918, The Entente or known as the Allies began to prepare for a large counterattack to drive back the German Empire across the Aisne and retake land that the Germans had seized in May and several days before. The Aisne-Marne campaign focused on attacking the Marne region of France, it stretched from the city of Soissons to the town of Reims, and the Aisne River and Vesle River. The French were tasked with taking Soissons because Soissons lays northeast of Paris and the roads leading to Paris, like the Soissons-Chateau-Thierry road  became vital to both the French and the Americans, it became the utmost importance that they destroy the Germans there and cutting both ways was the primary goal of the Allies, disrupting German logistics and aiding future offensives and thus the Second Battle for the Marne was the last German Offensive of the Great War.

The German failure to break through the lines and destroy the remaining forces allowed Ferdinand Foch to plan a major counter-offensive on July 18th, 1918 which included: 24 French units, including the 92nd and the 93rd American units which was under French command and 350 tanks were attached to attack the German line on Soissons and around Soissons. The Battle for Soissons became one of the largest tank assaults in modern military history and of The Great War, the Second Battle of the Marne was an important victory for the Allies and this would mark the beginning of the end of the Great War and would lead to Armistice, this is what the map “Soissons” is all about and the other map which is named, “Rupture.” for now CTE players have gained access to Soissons and I hope that the other maps in “They Shall Not Pass.” will be playable soon. “They Shall Not Pass.” is the upcoming first expansion pack to Battlefield 1 and is all about what the French army did during the Great War.


British Soldier at St. Quentin.

Soissons is a map that is very similar in nature and desi gn to St.Quentin Scar and Giant’s Shadow  from the base game, it has a courthouse and a village and farms spread out across the map and it is a circular map. It is a mix between infantry and tank warfare, urban and rural warfare that is seen both in those maps and it is very open similar in nature to Giant’s Shadow. The map itself is a tank battleground and a tank battlefest.

Things hadn’t gone so smoothly as I had hoped in the beginning, there were some connection issues but I ultimately found myself in a game and hopped right into the game, this blog isn’t a first impression of the map but a overall first look at the new content and what you can expect from the French DLC. This isn’t a first impression because it is a testing environment where things are still being fixed and improved on, if you want the first impressions of the new DLC then you’ll have to wait until the final product is released sometime next month.

The map, Soissons comes with a new behemoth that is the french Char 2 heavy tank which is massive. It’s twice the height of a player model in the base game and it’s long, very long and it’s a prime example of a “Rolling Fortress.” The Char 2 heavy tank can go anywhere freely and can seat up to 5 players and comes armed to the teeth: Machine-guns, Cannons, and other equipment and takes alot of damage. The St. Chaumont tank is different to any tank in the base game, it’s similar in design to a half-track from WWII. The tank itself is hard to maneuver on steep and uneven ground and you might get surrounded: But you have a secret weapon at your disposal, a pigeon. Yes, a pigeon. If you press 4 on the keyboard then a pigeon will come out from the side of the tank and you will get artillery to rain down around you but it will not touch you and that is helpful.

The French army makes it debut here and they’re a fantastic addition to the game. The uniforms that they wear is striking with a dark blue, although it is not very camouflage-friendly but it’s striking. Accompanying the French, is new voice lines which sound awesome and new music that is both inspirational and epic, they make a good roundout to the playable factions  that are playable within Battlefield 1.


The French’s Char 2   tank makes an appearance here on Soissons and will playable on the French maps.

The map comes with it’s own dynamic weather, the dynamic weather is a stormy rainstorm that floods the river that’s in the middle  of the map. The river floods when it’s starts to rain and as the river starts to seep on the banks, it becomes a flanking route and that’s really cool.  When the rain comes in, it feels like you’re now fighting at dusk then

For now, I’m still exploring the map and learning the map but this map really feels like it fits within Battlefield 1 and the French Army is already shaping up to be a likable and really good addition to the other factions within the game, come back next month for my first impressions of the full expansion pack when it releases sometime in March.

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