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Letters from the Front


Fort Vaux.

( This is from Battlefield 1: CTE. CTE is Community Test Environment, it will release on other platforms later this year. For now, CTE is on the PC. This doesn’t serve as an first impressions, just as a first look.) 

The stories of the heroic garrison who made their last stand at Fort de Vaux inspired me and moved me deeply, they fought for every inch of ground until they surrendered to the Germans on June 7th, 1916. Fort Vaux is located around the River Meuse and around Verdun and was one of the fortresses that protected Verdun during the battle, the fort itself was built from 1881-1884 and it became the second fort to fall in the Battle of Verdun after the Germans took Fort Douaumont.

The defense of the fort was marked by heroism and endurance of the garrison, the French defenders repulsed attack after attack, including fighting in the underground hallways and it became one of the first big engagements inside a fort during the Great War. The last men who defended surrendered after running out of water ( some of the water was poisoned due to countless gas attacks.) , ammunition, medical supplies, and food. The German commander was so impressed that he gave Major Raynal a French officer’s sword as a sign of respect. Raynal and his soldiers remained in German captivity until the Armistice in the Fall of 1918.

Fort Vaux is a massive fortress on the hills surrounding Verdun. In Battlefield 1, you play within the fort and outside of the fort as well. Outside of the Fort, the land is pulverized and it looks like you’re on the face of the moon and has massive trench, pillbox, and bunker networks that you can use for cover. It’s an uphill battle towards the fort, you go through trenches and the entrance of the fort: Concentrate walls explode, men die in the mud, rain and artillery comes from the skies above, it’s a battle to the death.


Inside the fort is fascinating and it’s a complete clusterfuck of a map. It’s a battle to the death within the fort as well, soldiers run around with SMG’s, Shotguns, and fling grenades at each other. Inside of the fort is very reminiscent of both Operation Locker and Operation Metro from Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4, and the structure of the fort and the way it looks, it looks a lot like prison or you’re fighting around a prison. Fort Vaux is very close-quartered and requires that you’re focused and all in because everybody is in close proximity to you.

So far, Fort Vaux is going to look like it’s going to be a fan-favorite within the game due to the nature of close-quarter combat. It’s a tense map. They Shall Not Pass will release sometime in March 2017, stay tuned.

*Thanks to BFBulletin for his screenshots. The screenshot above is his.

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