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Letters from the Front


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( Thanks to EA providing me access to the first couple hours of the game, via Origin Access. VERY LIGHT SPOILERS.) 

So, I’m about 2 hours into Mass Effect: Andromeda, and so far, it seems like this installment is a behemoth of a game.

Here’s my first two hours in bullet form fashion:

  • As many of you know, the game takes place sometime after Mass Effect 3. but it takes place right at the end of Mass Effect 2 and revolves around a journey to the Andromeda galaxy, in search of a new home for humanity. The task of finding planets that are habitable for the human race  falls on you, who is called “The Pathfinder.” and he or she isn’t an N7 super badass that Shepard was in the original games. Once you arrive in Andromeda, it’s not what you were expecting. Little of the colonization scheme goes according to plan, there are some folks stuck in cryo sleep, others are about to revolt, and supplies are dwindling.
  • Character Creation is an improvement from the Original Saga, I created a female protagonist after what happened in the end of Mass Effect 3 and she looks very pretty, similar in fashion to my Fallout 4 character.
  • The dialogue system has improved. It resembles something similar to Dragon Age: Inquisition, it isn’t like Fallout 4’s dialogue system where it doesn’t make much sense and I like that.
  • The voice acting is much better here then in the original games, also the voice actress for Cait in Fallout 4 appears here.
  • Combat feels more fluid and natural, also feels more intense then ever before. I can run, dash, take cover, be loud and brash. The only thing I don’t like the combat is the automatic cover system, it doesn’t really work here and I wish that you could press a button to get into cover, Gears of War or Division style.
  • I love the mix and match abilities, it doesn’t matter what class I choose. Thankfully, this isn’t the Fallout 4 way of doing things which I like.
  • The Systems and Choices are overwhelming to a degree, you can choose whatever you like and do whatever you like. In the older games, there was some sort of balance but here, the game throws you into the thick of it.
  • All the side quests were really cool in the opening mission, I can’t wait to do more.


The bad part is that this game doesn’t feel inspired, it feels uninspired and there’s something missing like some sort of creativity that Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3 had. It doesn’t feel finished to me, there’s alot of janky animations that feels like Bethesda had a part in the developing of this game, there’s alot of animations that doesn’t sync up and the facial animations are complete garbage. The game doesn’t feel organic to me like Mass Effect 2 or Mass Effect 3 felt organic to me.

The premise feels a little bit shaky to me although it’s interesting and I like the premise, the fundamental idea but sometimes it feels like it’s been customized to fit into a major videogame. I really like the idea of inhabiting a new world,  a new galaxy for the human race to thrive and survive in a new land. It doesn’t feel threatening or mysterious or alien to me,  but I won’t get into any more specifics.

The game looks really good in 4K on PC, the PC version of the game looks really good and the vistas are very beautiful. So far, I’m having some sort of reservations but I hope they are good reservations. Stay tuned this Tuesday for my first impressions of Mass Effect: Andromeda.

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