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Letters from the Front



Telltale recently wrapped up their Batman series which will continue in Season 2, at some point in the coming years. This version of Batman is one of the greatest portrayals I’ve ever seen, and one of the greatest stories that come close to Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight saga. The story is original and pretty solid, Telltale brings the signature point and click gameplay and solid storyline that put them on the map with The Walking Dead: Season One back in 2012, you enter the fractured mind of Bruce Wayne as he has to make tough decisions as Batman and as Bruce Wayne when he wines and dines with Gotham’s most powerful socialites.

This review will be different to the others, since they are split in 5 different episodes then a full triple A game that is more easier to review. You can read each of the five episodes down below.


Telltale’s Batman Series is a dark and mature take on the Batman that is original and great. The story is told through the multi-faced adventure of Batman, the detective, and Bruce Wayne, the politician as he struggles to make choices as Batman and Bruce Wayne as his life is under siege from the actions of his parents. The two almost are entirely different characters and playstyle keep the formula fresh and inviting. While some of the dialogue feels a little cheesy but that can be overlooked, the gorgeous combat and detective work makes this version of Batman feel real and Batman / Bruce Wayne provides perfect contrast. The story here is original as this takes place quite early in Bruce Wayne’s career as Batman.


This installment takes everything that was solid from the pilot episode and this episode trims down the weight and builds upon the foundations as a solid story which is both original and quite engaging, everything here is twists and turns that batman fans like myself will understand unlike the newcomers to the character, but the relationships that Bruce makes with the people around him appeal to both old fans and newcomers.


This episode is a tribute to Telltale, entirely from classic framerate drops to lag to brutal performance issues but all of that is excusable when the third episode is multi-layered and intricate plot that contributes to the overall story and is unnecessarily good.  The writing here has improved, the voice acting is the best here then in the previous episodes, and the best part is that Gotham comes alive and you can truly tell that this city is nothing but corrupt and seedy, Telltale brought the world of Batman alive.


Episode Four is the weakest point of the story, the investment in the story hasn’t wavered but the first act was just nothing but filler but the conflict is building to a point of no return, and it shows that the people of Gotham are reacting to the political climate of the city and Gotham needs a hero in these dark times. This episode was mostly filler for the season finale, but that’s still fine.


Episode Five concludes the story neatly, while setting up a sequel to the first season. This episode is one of the best episodes in the story as Bruce Wayne and Batman are brought to a point of no return, in this episode there are engrossing character developments and creative surprises for the most diehard Batman fans, and even newcomers alike. There are issues with this episode has the usual Telltale signs are present here: eg framerate issues, lag, and detective vision being slow as hell. There are some pacing issues like the abrupt ending but by the end, Gotham and it’s citizens needs Batman. My interest in this story was never faltered and it came out to being one of the best Batman stories I’ve seen in any medium, all of this I give thanks to the plot that was unpredictable and kept you on your toes. It felt like a good Netflix style Batman show but in game version.



In the end, Telltale’s Batman is a good Batman story that I will never forget. The story was original and unpredictable, it felt like a good thriller and it came out to be one of the great Batman stories in any medium, Telltale’s Batman came close to The Dark Knight Saga and I cannot wait to see what they do for Season Two.

You owe it to yourself to play Telltale’s Batman.







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