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Letters from the Front


Storming the cliffs of Pointe-Du-Hoc ( Call of Duty 2, 2005.)

World War 2 is becoming resurgent now in the modern day with the announcement of Battalion 1944 and the release of Battlefield 1, a game that took it further back in time to The Great War and with the rumor mill going around and leaks pointing that Call of Duty 2017 will be set in WWII, I firmly believe that this is case if Activision has stayed mum about the leaks.

The leaks about Sledgehammer’s Call of Duty being set in World War II is possibly real but there’s alot that air of doubt that makes it fake but nobody has come out and said that these were fake and they’re very on point and here’s the reason why I believe that Call of Duty 2017 will return to World War II.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare was a game that nobody wanted, similar to Ghosts but Infinite Warfare is infamous because of it’s reveal trailer which  become the most disliked video on Youtube, while Battlefield 1’s trailer became the most upvoted videos in Youtube history. Majority if not all of Call of Duty fans didn’t act kindly to the franchise being set again in the far future. Call of Duty began life as a World War II shooter, and brought change to the gaming landscape with the release of Call of Duty 4 and it set the stage for modern and future games, was an arsenal grounded in reality until it became a shadow of it’s former self in recent entries.

Moving the franchise to the future with Black Ops II was fine, but it became one of the worst things to do with the franchise: The familiarity of the ACR, M4A1, MK14, M16, UMP45, and other modern day weapons were replaced with fictional weapons torn out of Halo and it turned from the modern day conflict to conflicts set in the far future with jetpacks, laser weapons, exo suits, and much more and this became a rallying cry for those that wanted to see Call of Duty return to the days of yore where it was actually a good game instead of whatever Call of Duty has become in recent years.

Sledgehammer’s last entry into the franchise was Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was and felt derivative at launch because Titanfall just launched with similar advanced movement  mechanics, it also had a similar sci-fi setting to that of Advanced Warfare. Respawn Entertainment had, in many respects, created the next iteration of the Call of Duty formula within Titanfall. Black Ops III, 2015’s entry would borrow from Titanfall while Infinite Warfare, last year’s entry would be some sort of mix between the two.

The sci-fi view of Call of Duty had already dropped, and as Call of Duty kept pushing forward into the future and as fans kept pushing away, and voices grew louder for a return to the way things were pre-Advanced Warfare, a return to either a historical setting or a modern setting.


Taking Caen  ( Call of Duty 2, 2005.)

This year’s Call of Duty will be made by Sledgehammer and it makes sense that they will be the first to return Call of Duty back to it’s roots. It’s less of a risk but if it doesn’t pan through, we may  see it abandoned similar to that of Call of Duty: Ghosts, 2013’s entry that was terrible and hence why Infinity Ward just canceled the “Ghosts” series altogether.

If the WW2 setting is indeed real, Activision can go ahead and do three separate franchises for each Call of Duty fan: One in the past, one in the modern day, and one in the far future to have different gameplay and put freshness into the formula of Call of Duty. If the rumor mills are true and if it turns out to be a disaster ( it won’t by the way.) , Activision can keep pressing Black Ops III and Infinite Warfare until 2018 when Treyarch reveals it’s Call of Duty game.

The indie space has capitalized on the mainstream shift away from historical shooters. Battalion 1944 has somewhat kicked off with this resurgence into the era, Days of War and Days of Infamy has released and been positively received on Steam, everything old is new again.

The Battlefield franchise ditched the modern setting that it pushed since Bad Company 2 and it’s “main” entries, Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 in favor to have a jab at The Great War, making it one of the first triple A games to be set within the Great War and it did it successfully.  The reception for Battlefield 1, including critical was a resounding success and it’s still being successful with new expansions on the way, with rumors stating that Battlefield:2018 will possibly be set in World War II.

There’s no guarantee that Battlefield: 2018 will be set in a historical time setting, but given since it’s been eight years since Battlefield 1943 and it’s been fifteen years since the franchise kicked off with Battlefield 1942, it stands to have reason and have hope that the next Battlefield will be set in World War II, so that gives Activision some sort of leg up on EA and DICE to get a World War II shooter out this year. The good thing about WWII is that you can revisit iconic places like Makin Atoll, Okinawa, Iwo Jima, and the Hurtgen Forest is that you can make it look pretty and look good as opposed to that from two decades ago and make it more expansive then World at War or Call of Duty 2.


The original Call of Duty was a historic game for so many reasons.

Here’s also another chance to put another nail into the coffin of Medal of Honor. Much like Respawn Entertainment is comprised of ex-Infinity Ward developers, the entirety of Infinity Ward ( pre-2011.) was comprised of people including the creator of Titanfall that worked on Allied Assault, a game that pushed the genre forward in 2002 and is considered a landmark game for the FPS genre, Call of Duty was born in 2003 and became a better version of Allied Assault, Call of Duty was like the B-Movies of Hollywood while Medal of Honor was like Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers. Medal of Honor was created at the very end of the 20th century, and Call of Duty came 3 years into the new century so that gives Sledgehammer some sort of freshness into bringing back places like Sainte-Mere-Eglise, Brecourt Manor, and Stalingrad and spice them up on new hardware, especially on the upcoming Project Scorpio.

With a new focus on WWII, you can do different battles that aren’t well-known and there is still plenty of things left to see within WWII, like Market-Garden for example or the struggles of the Maquis and numerous Resistance groups throughout West and Eastern Europe but more importantly is that Sledgehammer returns Call of Duty to the motto of “No One Fights Alone.” instead of the one-man army and single-handily defeat the enemy that Call of Duty has somewhat become into.

Given the leak and how Activision hasn’t responded to it in public, I assume that it is true and we’ll be given the teaser to it in the upcoming weeks and it will most likely be a very smart move to move the franchise back to where it began and back to being something great.

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