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Letters from the Front


Am I a premium user? That’s the question that we have to ask ourselves in light of the recently revealed specs for Xbox Scorpio, the specs was revealed on Eurogamer on Thursday and this thing is a beast of a machine and pushes console hardware to the next level and Microsoft was confident enough to show off the specs before it’s November release date ( That’s a rumor, by the way.) and judging by the excitement, it’s going to be interesting on how Xbox is going to push this and it’s going to be a interesting fall this year. After it’s spec reveals on Thursday, I have some questions left which I assume we will get the answers too this E3.

Question 1:”Premium Price.” What does that mean and how much does it cost?

Phil Spencer and Microsoft has come out and said, “Scorpio is a Premium Price product.” and will be for the “Premium Consumer.” They’ve been building up all this hype and it’s great and a relief that it’s actually what they said in the reveal trailer at last year’s E3, so now much does it cost? Some are speculating that the price range is somewhere between $600-700 and others are ranging it between $500-600 , the $600-700 speculation price point seems kinda absurd and completely counter-productive and will possibly end up having the same reaction to how the Xbox One was received in 2013, others have stated $500 which seems reasonable since that’s what the Xbox One originally was priced four years ago, but again with the specs inside the Scorpio makes the price go higher.

Is it wishful thinking that the Scorpio will launch with a price $400? Maybe so, but putting it on par with PS4 Pro will be troublesome since the Pro released last year and most likely, the Pro will be on sale leading up or on the day of E3 and that will be a problem for Microsoft. It’s vital that Microsoft hits the ground running with Scorpio and pulls all the stops on release day, more so now than ever before. If they can’t beat Sony with price, maybe they can match it with launch-day and followup games?

Question 2: Games, Games, and Games!

We know that Scorpio won’t have any exclusives and is designed to be within the “Xbox One.” generation and will even share the same software as the OG and the S but question remains where is the games at? Microsoft is grasping for software because Sony is beating them with games. Games like Horizon, Persona 5, Yakuza 0,  and much more are keeping the Playstation 4 with fresh games and this is the year that Microsoft comes back and brings the one-two punch and rivals the likes of Spiderman, God of War, Days Gone and much more? If anything has been kept secret then the time is at this year’s E3 to blow everyone’s minds away with new franchises and new games in existing franchises.


Question 3: Is this the end of the Entertainment side of the Xbox One?

Back in 2013, Microsoft made a huge mistake with a boring and exhausting presentation almost entirely built on media partnerships and hardware features. In it’s vision of the future, the Xbox One would’ve been your go-to for cable TV, streaming apps, and whatever but it failed and that was just the first stumble with games being somewhat absent from the conference.

We still know very little or next to nothing on Microsoft’s lineup at E3 this year, and we haven’t seen a Scorpio experience looks like outside of a small picture relating to Forza from this Thursday but even this hardware info reveals that Microsoft is trying to push videogames but it seems to have an end goal: Make all games look better.

There is one odd thing about it: Is that Scorpio still has the HDMI pass through but who knows if this is Microsoft trying to keep alive the idea that eventually made the Xbox One stumble.

Question 4: Would Scorpio still be a thing if the Xbox One hadn’t been a disaster in the days leading up and on the day of E3? Also, what does this mean for the future?

The infamous musings of Don Mattrick and the reveal of the Xbox One in 2013 turned out to be a disaster both at it’s reveal in March and at the E3 Showcase. While Microsoft pushed the idea of Entertainment, NFL, DMR, and those ideas that they had to revert in the days following that, Sony won everyone over with Games, Games, Games, and more Games and ever since they have been pushing that. Since then in the four years that followed, Sony has been beating Microsoft both in sales and games and ever since, Microsoft has been playing catch-up until last year’s E3, the stench and water still leftover from that reveal has been a shadow for Microsoft but they’re turning it around and slowly getting rid of the water under the bridge which is great.

They pushed out Xbox Game Pass ( comes sometime this year.) , Backwards Compatibility, and Games with Gold is consistently pushing out more AAA game experiences and all of this is making that water and stench go away for Microsoft and all of that is good and one of the question remains is that if the Xbox One was the industry leader similar to the Xbox 360 and with all the pushing that Microsoft has done, would Scorpio be a thing? I think so.

The next question is that what does this mean for the future of Xbox? Will there be an Xbox 4 or will Microsoft continue to iterate on Project Scorpio, similar to what Apple is doing with the Iphone and Ipad where eventually, the name of the Xbox will just be “The Xbox.” , where each Xbox will be more powerful then the last? Will they be done with generations and boundaries like they said in the reveal trailer? Who knows but what would you like to see from E3 2017 on Microsoft’s stage? Sound off in the comments below.

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