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Letters from the Front


( This is not a official map that DICE and EA has released, it’s a combination of the cinematic tools that DICE has released for PC and it’s by shadowsix, a prominent member of the BF community. So, in other words very similar to a mod but you can do it yourselves.)

The Battle for Amiens was the opening phrase of the Allied One Hundred Days Offensive that ultimately led to the Armistice in November and  the downfall of the German Empire. On March 21st, 1918, the German Empire launched their Spring Offensive to push the Allies back along the length of the Western Front and ultimately back to the sea before the Americans could arrive in full force, these offensives were supposed to translate into victory. Operation Michael was intended to defeat the right wing of the BEF but a lack of success before the Battle for Arras ensured the end of the Offensive and a final effort was aimed at the town of Amiens, a vital railway junction for the Allied cause and having that railway hub would do wonders for the German Empire but they were stopped at Villers-Bretonneux by the British and ANZAC forces on April 4th,1918.

The Battle for Amiens was a turning point in the tempo of the war. Four years earlier, the Germans had begun the war with the Schlieffen Plan and Race to the Sea that ultimately led to trenches being built from the border of Switzerland down to the English Channel and the war on the Western Front evolved into trench warfare. The German Spring Offensive broke through the Allied lines at St. Quentin  and it changed the war again from a stalemate to a war of movement and maneuver with tanks, soldiers, and Calvary units once again on the move and the Battle for Amiens is notable for being the first tank on tank battle in modern history.

So, Amiens at night is an interesting version of the vanilla map. So you must be wondering how was this achieved? It was achieved by using the cinematic tools that DICE released back in December when they launched the first free map, Giant’s Shadow and it’s a custom version of the map Amiens that you can do yourselves, everyone else who is not running the setup that you did are running the vanilla setup that is Amiens during the day and it’s very interesting considering that Amiens is a top contender to actually be transferred into a night setting officially by DICE and EA and this setup is very convincing look at what Amiens could look like. I really like this version of the map, it looks much better then the day.


The gameplay in Amiens: Dark is completely different to that during the day version of the map, it’s more close quartered and this is a true nighttime combat as opposed to Nivelle Nights, Amiens: Dark is completely set in the dark as opposed to the hazy blue-ish evening color that Nivelle Nights has. Tracers go back and forth and light up the night, tanks roam in the city streets, flares go up in the night sky and everything feels so immersive and feels like there’s an actual battle going on here. Your friend is always the minimap and teammates sending up flares in the night sky, so you can properly do combat in the rainy dark city streets.

I really like this map and would love it if DICE saw it and officially made a night version of the map and release it for free. Amiens: Dark is a fantastic map that should be officially part of the map rotation if DICE sees it and officially made a map, also I would like to see more vanilla maps being transferred to night settings like St. Quentin, Ballroom Blitz, and Argonne Forest.

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