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Letters from the Front

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When EA and DICE released Battlefront in November of 2015, it got mixed reactions from both sides of the aisle and it came out to be for me personally, a game that was utterly boring and just wasn’t that great of a Star Wars game, as opposed to the original titles that released two generations ago. On one hand, the reboot was praised for the authenticity of the movies and captured the feeling of being in a large scale battle from the original trilogy and on the other hand, it was panned for not having enough content for anyone to actually stick with it or anyone to actually care, it didn’t have a single-player campaign, few maps ( more maps were added via DLC.) , and fewer modes and not having the classic modes like Galactic Conquest and Space Battles from the original games.

Fortunately, EA and DICE saw their mistake and aim to correct it this November with the sequel and seems to be taking the route of Battlefield 1 where the game has a interesting story with a very good multiplayer component that is worth your time and energy. Personally, I thought DICE didn’t put effort into Battlefront as they did with Battlefield 1, they really tried and succeeded in bringing the First World War into the spotlight and doing something that just wasn’t fresh but also original and very good, I thought Battlefront was extremely lazy as opposed to Battlefield 1 and they seem to be putting in the same effort as they did with Battlefield 1 so that’s good.

The story seems to be bold and interesting as Battlefield 1’s, the story takes place after the destruction of the second Death Star at the end of ROTJ, following an Imperial Elite Squadron on their path of revenge spanning 30 years, I love the idea of playing as the bad guys which is something you don’t see every day in videogames but I have a sneaking suspicion that they will end up siding with the Rebellion by the end and seeing the errors of the Empire. I hope that we might see what’s inside and a good inner look at the Empire like how they perceive their role within the Galaxy, and see what makes them tick and what’s it in like to being in the Empire as a whole.


While there’s no gameplay as of right now, I’m suspecting that we’re going to get a good look at Battlefront II at EA Play 2017 and presumably on the Microsoft stage running on Project Scorpio at E3. Until E3 rolls on, let me know what are your thoughts on the original and the upcoming sequel.

4 comments on “Can Battlefront II Be a Worthy Successor that fixes the Original’s Mistakes?

  1. It really comes down to how much content will there be. A lot of people felt a little ripped off with the previous instalment. A good single player campaign will be a help, but there needs to be greater map variety too.

    1. Physics says:

      I felt ripped off and bored, there was really nothing to do within that game. From the beginning, it felt like you just saw everything in several hours. It really does come down to how much content will there be and how fun will it be, the multiplayer from the reboot was fanastic but there was nothing there to keep you invested or make you care enough.

      If the singleplayer was on the level of Battlefield 1, where you have good writing and everything comes together like making you care about the story, making you care about the characters involved then you’re set. Agreed about the map variety, Star Wars has a wide range of diverse locations that you can attempt to pull off the regular old maps like Hoth and Yavin, ( nothing wrong with that.) but there needs a wide range of map variety so it doesn’t get stale the first minute you pop the game in.

      It looks to be very similar to Battlefield 1, which is great.

      1. The map variety issue felt like withholding content for DLC. Much as I understand DLC practices, that was a cheap move from EA. They need to be a little more generous this time. The follow will have to do some serious work to regain players’ trust.

      2. Physics says:

        The season pass is gone for this installment so maybe there will be more generosity, with the season pass gone I hope EA continues to push the tradition of no season passes. They really need to rework their DLC practices.

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