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Microsoft has finally unveiled some news for Project Scorpio, just the specs a couple weeks ago. We don’t know anything about it or what it’s going to be called or it’s designated price range, but we do know about the specs that Digital Foundry unveiled just a couple of weeks ago and we do know that it’s the exact promise that they promised last year when they unveiled Project Scorpio. As I pointed out that the hardware is impressive because it runs at a solid 4K / 60FPS with plenty of room to spare for additional graphical effects like particles and godrays.

If you ask me, it’s a pretty good start but it isn’t quite enough and Microsoft has alot more to push out the woods and alot more to prove. As we get closer to June, here are some of the things I want to see from them.


This will definitely happen if rumors are too be believed that Red Dead Redemption 2 and Star Wars:Battlefront II will be shown running on the Scorpio but the question is if they can pull off the hardest part of this year’s E3 which will be convincing people at home watching on Youtube or Twitch on 1080p monitors.

Scorpio needs to show games that are clearly better-looking on 1080p livestreams or the entire event will be very similar to the PS4 Pro event back in 2016, and people want to know what exactly how games will look on the new machine and the phrase of, “It’s in glorious 4K.” really isn’t enough.

We do have examples of games running and looking better, thanks to Forza Horizon 3 and Gears of War 4 that look extraordinary on the PC but that’s on PC, anything and mostly everything looks better on the PC and people want to know if we’re going to get something similar to that experience. Microsoft needs to come out with games that look absolutely gorgeous with HDR gaming and that experience needs to be seen on people’s laptops or desktops or on an app.

4K is very demanding and that’s why 4K doesn’t really transfer well with livestreams or video unless you have a 4K monitor or display. The bullshit of the PS4 Pro event was because of this exact reason, so that gives Microsoft a leg up and try to not make the same mistake as Sony did last fall.


If Scorpio is out in time for all the big fall games like Red Dead Redemption 2, Star Wars: Battlefront II, Call of Duty:2017, and Destiny 2 to look better in 4K and run at a solid 60 FPS then I suggest to release it late summer rather than Holiday 2017 and that might be the messaging that Scorpio needs to be a success.

Look at the Xbox One S, which released in August and look how successful it has become and this is the narrative that Xbox needs this Fall to reestablish Xbox as the premiere place to play third-party games and the only way to make sure is to do what the Xbox One S did, release the console before all the games hit in October and November, they need all the games to look, run, and play better on Scorpio.

There is another reason for Microsoft needs to release Scorpio sometime in late summer is because of Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is out in August and has been confirmed as a Scorpio game and guess what? That game would be excellent to launch alongside the Scorpio.

The question is if the console is ready for a late summer release. The engineers already have stated that the hardware is final and that retail kits are now available for developers, and  what has been said “allegedly” is that things are way ahead of schedule so perhaps Microsoft wants to bump up the release date and pull of an Xbox One S.



A price tag of 400 USD would be a bombshell, but knowing what’s already inside the box it is very unlikely but there are some good points to why Microsoft should consider that price-point.

Let’s get this out of the way, cheap is better and it’s exciting when it comes to hardware. It’s somewhat of a deal for what you’re getting and it feels like you’re getting more than you actually paid for it.

500 USD is not bad as well, the OG Xbox One sold well when it launched in November of 2013 but nobody is going to be excited to pay that price and I think that the platform as a whole needs a new direction when it comes to the price. When the Xbox One’s price was announced back in 2013, it was met with some groans and boos but it made sense. When Sony’s turn came that E3, they obliterated the Xbox One’s price by going down to a solid 400 price range and that began a 4-year catchup to Playstation 4. To prevent disaster yet again and turn things in their favor, I think a $400 price tag is reasonable and that puts them at a friendly-consumer cost that will get some reactions out of Sony.


I can’t stress this enough, Microsoft not only needs to push third party games which I think they’re successful at, but they also need to push first party exclusive games that are new and fresh. We don’t need a sequel to an already established franchise, we need new franchises and new games that have new experiences, new characters to bond with and basically everything new. When facing up against Spiderman, Horizon, The Last of Us Part II, and much more, Microsoft is getting slaughtered everytime and this time, Forza and many other of their exclusives like Sea of Thieves won’t cut it. Instead of throwing Forza and Halo, why not reboot Fable with CDPR or Rare or being a new Xbox-exclusive Western RPG that isn’t Fable or maybe a Narrative-driven post-apocalypse title that is original and fresh for the Xbox lineup that isn’t State of Decay. Microsoft needs to require new blood and new talent and exciting games that aren’t just racers and shooters.

If they manage to do all of this at E3 2017 then they’re golden, and will be back on top of the game. They need to put the “excite” into exciting and these are the ways hopefully to get them to reestablish themselves once again at the top.

2 comments on “What Xbox Needs to do to Succeed at E3 2017

  1. Ignoring everything to do with Scorpio, Microsoft need to show some new exclusives. And not just the next Halo or Gears. Even Crackdown isn’t enough right now. New, interesting IPs are going to be the be all and end all of this year for them.

    1. Physics says:

      If there isn’t any new franchises, then I expect them to not die out but to see what we continue to see but in a worse state, Halo and Gears don’t hold the same water as they used to way back when at the end of the ‘2000s and the beginning of the 2010’s. There needs to more exclusives like a Western RPG that’s exclusive to Xbox ( That’s not Fable, Fable would be awesome but a new franchise.) We don’t need sequels from them, we need new experiences. At the end of the day, exclusives make or break the system.

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