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I’m going to say this and just be calm okay, I’m going to say that DOOM (2016) is probably one of the most important shooters ever to come out of this generation. I’m going to explain this in complete detail as to why I think this.

I mention this for two reasons: First to be honest here, lastly to why I came to this result after I completed DOOM ( 2016.) in August and why I think that this new DOOM is one of the most important shooters ever made and to come out of this generation, a generation that’s been often called as the “Remaster” generation but now it’s coming into it’s own, more or less.

It’s been 84 years since we last have seen DOOM, the last time DOOM came into our lives was in 2004 with DOOM 3. It was quite an attempt to change what DOOM was about and to modernize the now legendary franchise, but it didn’t set out what it was going to accomplish and so as a result, DOOM went into a retreat and after rumors of hearing about “DOOM 4” and how Bethesda scrapped it after acquiring it, it came back in 2016 and it knocked the socks off of everybody.  Bethesda rebooted DOOM and it did what DOOM 3 was going to do and DOOM did it successfully by not trying to change the franchise but by returning the franchise to it’s roots and distilled that formula into the reboot that made the original game so iconic and so legendary.

You know what was that formula? It was speed.

DOOM is fast. In the reboot, there is a story but it’s in the background and it isn’t shoved down your throat like many other games and when you boot the reboot up, it tells you that this isn’t the DOOM you remembered, this time it’s very different. The introduction is quick: You’ll kill your first demon in a minute and glory kill another demon in less then three minutes, a big battle occurs in five minutes and soon you’re on the surface of Mars in less then seven minutes. It’s a game that’s built around mechanics and solely is about mechanics much like the original game in 1993, it’s a game that is filled with imagination and creativity in how you can brutally murder your enemies.

The combat in DOOM is one of the best combat mechanics I’ve ever played with in a game , it’s so imaginative despite being somewhat repetitive with the glory kill mechanic. The shooting mechanics is very tight and it feels good, the glory kills are badass and really cool: You can tear a demon’s skull in half with your bare fists, you can tear off his arm and he can do the same to you once you’re low health and about to die: It’s insane over the top violence that you can’t get in any other shooter, for example: Call of Duty or Battlefield. It’s something that you can only get within DOOM, DOOM gives you alot of options to fight your enemies.



What’s so special about DOOM is that it doesn’t play like Painkiller or Serious Sam or any other game for that example, DOOM captures what made the original game from 1993 so iconic and so famous but keeps things small and puts attention into enemy patterns, behaviors, and levels that have a similar flow to a multiplayer match. It’s a melting pot of different things and styles, and it takes those things and places in a old-school environment, the gunplay and glory kill mechanics all revolve around this and it’s the glue that upholds the DOOM reboot.

Another aspect of what makes the modern DOOM reboot so special is that it’s a callback to the 1990’s because it rekindles that lost feeling of finding secrets, entering secret rooms, have a map that is winding and returning to the lost feeling that most FPS games don’t have anymore, all of this has been missing for some time in the genre. It’s a callback to the past. Also, the game happens to have Rune challenges that you can find around Mars and Hell to complete them, these challenges offer you special rewards, these challenges are fun and frustrating at the same time but mostly fun.

DOOM demands enough to be challenging, but also allows the freedom to do whatever you please within the level and joyful. I can’t remember the last time outside of DOOM, Battlefield 1, and the first couple hours of Fallout 4 that made me smile. I know it’s weird because DOOM is a game that’s gory and is about Hell, and you’re killing demons left and right but the game made me smile because not only because it’s a callback to 1993 but it feels good to play.

All of this comes out to being one of the most important shooters of this generation. DOOM came back into our lives and it returned better then ever, and not only is it a hit of nostalgia but it’s a return to old-school shooters, something that the genre has been missing for some time.





5 comments on “How “DOOM” Became One of My Favorite Games of 2016

  1. The speed and momentum are fantastic, but it’s the ease with which you can use that speed that makes it for me. Getting from one place to another whilst mowing down demons is utterly satisfying.

    1. Physics says:

      The speed is insane, it’s crazy how you move and do things very quickly. That sort of gameplay is what we need more of in the FPS genre.

      1. It’s a nice change of ice from all the modern military shooters if nothing else.

  2. …annndddddd it’s in the PSN sale for £11.99.

    *adds to basket*

    1. Physics says:


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