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Letters from the Front


Halo Wars 2.


Will E3 be remembered as turning the tide for Microsoft? Last year, Microsoft announced Project Scorpio and the Xbox One S, but all the tails went wagging towards Playstation’s selection of games.

The Xbox One S has turned the tide somewhat in Microsoft’s favor with 4K Entertainment and was the best-selling consoles of the holidays but unless Project Scorpio does more then just show off glorious 4K, it will be repeat of last year. So here is some predictions that I have put together that we will see hopefully at E3 2017:

Project Scorpio will be $400


Project Scorpio.

Project Scorpio will be $400, I know this sounds crazy or out of this world but if Microsoft wants to compete with Sony’s PS4 Pro and the OG PS4 then Project Scorpio will be at 400 USD. Phil Spencer hasn’t said anything about it, just a few hints about “Premium Product.” and I believe 400 is Premium, at least in my point of view. Maybe this won’t be the case, and I’m 100% positive that I will be wrong and Project Scorpio will be sold at $499 which is more reasonable then $400.

Project Scorpio releases Early Fall, 2018.


A Sneak Peek of the Box, E3 2016.


If Phil Spencer said “That everything is going well and we’re ahead of schedule.” a couple months ago, then I believe that Project Scorpio will be bumped up from Holiday to Late August to Early September of 2017 to be alongside Middle Earth: Shadow of War, which is the first game to be confirmed on Project Scorpio and be ahead of the Fall games like Red Dead Redemption 2 and Call of Duty: WWII, so Microsoft can push those games first and say that these games will look better and run better on Project Scorpio then PS4 Pro.

Crackdown 3 gets a Fall release date.


Crackdown 3, coming 2017.


After years of darkness, Microsoft said that Crackdown 3 was delayed to 2017 and I believe that now is the time to release the game and get another inside look into the game. I believe that Crackdown 3 will get a Fall release date, sometime in September to avoid the killing machine of Call of Duty and Red Dead Redemption 2 which is rumored to be released October 3rd.

There will be a new Halo Spin-Off.


Halo 5: Guardians, 2015.


Halo 6 won’t be at E3 this year, although 343 Industries teased that there will be something Halo related at the conference a couple days ago, so I presume it will be something similar or akin to Halo 3: ODST, a spin-off game that released in 2009. I would like to see Halo get another spin-off title like ODST, I really enjoyed and liked ODST because it was a return to old-school Halo from 2004 and 2001.

Microsoft announces new games!


Master Chief and Blue Team.


When it comes to first party exclusives, Microsoft is somewhat shitting the bed because they don’t have that spark when it comes to their already established franchises, Halo and Gears don’t have the same punch as they used too and they’re not going to hold up against Sony’s exclusives that have that spark and have that punch. Microsoft’s exclusives won’t hold up against the likes of The Last of Us Part II, God of War, Spiderman, and their upcoming games.

So, I predict that Microsoft will announce new exclusives that are original and fresh and have that spark to match the likes of TLOU and others and they’re going to push these new exclusives on Project Scorpio.

That’s it for Xbox’s predictions for E3 2017, Tomorrow we’re going to delve into Bethesda and what I hope to see on June 11th, 2017.  Stay tuned.




4 comments on “E3 2017: Xbox Predictions

  1. New games and IPs or bust for them right now I’d say.

    1. Physics says:

      You think they’ll go under or demolish the Xbox brand altogether if New games and franchises aren’t shown?

      1. Oh no, not quite as severe as that. But if there’s nothing new then they might as well give up on this generation. They need something to show off the Scorpio or what’s the point in it?

      2. Physics says:

        I think Third Party games can do the job, but not as effectively as First party can. I think they’ve already took an L this generation because of the mistakes of Don Mattrick and the events of 2013, but they can try to reverse it and that’s what we’ve been seeing but yeah, I think to totally get back on top they need show new first party games on Scorpio.

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