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Letters from the Front



Red Dead Redemption 2 is now coming out in Spring of 2018 instead of Fall of 2017. But in making the delay announcement, Rockstar was so kind to throw us a bone with a small glimpse of the game in the form of seven images ( To be quite fair, these are the first screenshots of the game– the only thing that Rockstar has released since the trailer last October.)

They also gave us a hint that we’re going to learn more about the game this Summer, that gives us plenty of time to look at screenshots and what we’re going to do today is to analysis the new screenshots.


I can’t make out the full name on the Wagon, but it appears to be that it might be carrying something of importance as  four guards are accompanying it against the vast American plains.


The Forest here reminds me alot of the Tall Trees region of the original game, but I doubt it is the Tall Trees Region as it seems as it takes place to the north of the original game’s location.

Train 2

Red Dead Redemption took place in 1911, in the final years of the American West. The railroad and especially the Steam Train was a dominant mode of transportation in the years after the Civil War. I wonder if the train belongs to the United States Army?

Town 2

This screenshot is one of my favorite screenshots, it looks remarkable and really good looking. The details don’t fail to impress. Aside from the texture of the protagonist’s jacket and the engraving of his weapon, which might hint that we can put camos or engravings on our weapons. Note the footprints, horse tracks and wheel ruts in the mud. Also notice the lamps and early streetlights. Also if you zoom in to where the NPC is sitting down, you can notice the word “BLACK.” , I wonder if this is Blackwater from the original RDR.


Our protagonist here is masked and holding duel-wield pistols, different models which might hint that we can now duel-wield. Also, notice the streetlights in the back.  Electricity and Streetlights in particular showed up after 1890, so perhaps RDR 2 takes place sometime in the 1890’s which lines up with the theory that it takes place before the original game.


Duel-wielding again, notice how the revolvers have the ornamental engravings on them, it seems to me that you’ll be able to customize your weapons with skins. Also notice the hands and the sleeve, it looks to me like it’s a female outlaw. Perhaps, we’ll be able to play as a female outlaw or work alongside a female outlaw NPC in our adventures?


Hitting the dusty roads of America. Four horsemen silhouetted against a beautiful Night sky– these might be the four men you see on the game’s cover because of the distinct looking hats. This scene looks to be very peaceful.


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