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Letters from the Front


Riding across the vast plains of Midwestern America in Red Dead Redemption 2.


I’m very impressed with Playstation this generation. The dominance of Playstation this generation is quite impressing and quite mind-blowing, ever since the beginning of the generation four years ago Playstation has been on a roll ever since and getting the upper-hand on Xbox each and every year, although this might change with Project Scorpio. Playstation has been getting marketing deals with major triple A games like Call of Duty while dealing out the receipts with exclusive and interesting games like Horizon Zero Dawn which has put Guerilla Games on the map since they finally put Killzone to rest.

Playstation has been blowing out Xbox for the past four years and has had them on their backs and killing it as of late, while Xbox was defending, Playstation has been handing out W’s in the game department with announcing their game lineup for the next couple of years. I couldn’t wait to to do this roundup, although I don’t know that much about Playstation but I couldn’t wait to write this up as I find Playstation this generation to be interesting and fascinating as there are more Playstation’s out in the world then Xbox One’s and how they’ve been taking marketing deals and just dominating. Let’s take a look at Playstation, we’re going to start with Rockstar because I find them interesting:


Robbing a Steam locomotive.


Red Dead Redemption 2, Will It Be There?

Red Dead Redemption 2 and Rockstar as a whole is quite interesting. Rockstar has always been partnered with Playstation going back to the revolutionary Grand Theft Auto III, their games back on the PS2 era was always released first, especially the 3D GTA games like San Andreas and Vice City. Rockstar and Playstation has always had an interesting relationship dating back to 2001, when I think Playstation, I immediately think of Rockstar so will Red Dead Redemption 2 be there?

I want to say yes, but to be honest I don’t know. Rockstar has always done things at their own pace and never going to E3 except for 2014 where Playstation revealed GTA V: Remastered on stage. Last E3, there was a rumor that Red Dead Redemption 2 would be shown at E3 although with a different trailer. This trailer was going to be extremely violent with a group of men entering a bar and killing everyone, including a Native American scalping a dead man and it was said to be like The Hateful Eight, the film from Quentin Tarantino but obviously, it was never shown and we got a different reveal trailer that October so we might see that trailer here or we may not getting anything at all.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is quite an interesting game to me, Rockstar is partnering up with Playstation for exclusive DLC and Rockstar announced on their newswire that we’re going to get more info on the game this “Summer.” I’m not sure if that means at E3 or after E3, we just have to wait and see although I’m going to make a prediction here that we’re going to get something Red Dead 2 related at their conference.

What about AGENT?

Agent is quite an interesting game, the last time I ever heard about that game was back in 2009 and early 2011 where screenshots of the game was leaked and it seemed to be interesting. Rockstar hasn’t updated their page on the game since 84 years ago, either that game is cancelled or it’s been reworked. If you don’t know about AGENT, AGENT is a game based during the Cold War in the 1970’s where the game was going to take you into the world of espionage, political assassinations, and a paranoid look into the game although I do have a feeling that vision does no longer exist.

I have a theory that Rockstar North is currently working on this and GTA VI, with GTA VI obviously being revealed and released first and I also have a theory that this game is being reworked from the ground up and taking place in the 1960’s at the height of the Cold War and offering the same themes and motifs but in a different era. I don’t think we’re going to see this game, although it would be nice to get a confirmation about it.

The Last of Us: PART II at E3?

The Last of Us has become one of the greatest games of all time, I think we’ll see something about The Last of Us Part II although very little. I believe there will be another trailer and a few screenshots and that’s it, as the game is to be in early production.

How about God of War?


I predict yes because I feel like the game will be launching in 2018 alongside Spiderman, God of War and Spiderman seems to be the two interesting titles that isn’t the Last of Us 2 that gamers seem to be interested in.

I predict that this game will be shown with another trailer for a May 2018 release date.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Gets a Release Date, finally.


First announced back in 2013, we’ve heard very little about the game. However, I feel like the game isn’t finished and in a report, Square Enix may release the game in 2020, this definitely is up there with Half-Life 3 and Final Fantasy 15 in development time.

Detroit: Become Human gets a release date of 2017. 


Detroit: Become Human is one of those games that would look good in PSVR, last E3 we saw gameplay where a main character used augmented reality to solve a crime scene. I also predict that the game gets announced for Fall 2017 release date.

Wrapping Up

If Sony hits it out of the ballpark then Project Scorpio will be dead in the water and will be left out in the cold because Sony brought once again the games, the games, the games and now the generation has changed to the point where everybody want games and not power, I predict Sony will hit it out of the ballpark and Microsoft will be reeling in the damage but we’ll see. A week to go, friends! Come back on Monday for my Bold E3 predictions!





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