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Letters from the Front


Sierra 117.

It’s that time once again. E3 is just a week from now and with that in mind, speculation and all the juicy leaks including those hot predictions are coming out of the woodwork. Today, let it be known that I have put my sole feet into the mud and standing proudly about these bold predictions today.  Let’s get started:

DICE reveals Battlefront II’s Multiplayer


The reboot was a boring game, it put me to sleep somedays and others it just wasn’t fun. The content was sparse and lackluster, EA and DICE seems to be making that up in Titanfall 2 fashion with having a full game. EA and DICE have already revealed what the story is about with our main character, Iden.

I predict that Battlefront II’s multiplayer will be revealed and I sure hope that’s something akin to Battlefield’s multiplayer, large-scale battles and taking sectors in the form of Battlefield’s Operations mode. I would like to see that style of gameplay and gamemode coming to Battlefront and future Battlefield games.

Cyberpunk 2077 finally makes it’s debut.


I’ve been awaiting for this since it’s reveal way back in 2012. Nothing as emerged about the game just yet, but the incredible quality of The Witcher 3 and what that game has become has me and other gamers excited for what’s in store. It’s been a long time, but now that The Witcher 3 is finally wrapped up we might get a new look at the game.

Red Dead Redemption 2 gets revealed and some more details about the game is shown.


Rockstar and Sony has had history and a relationship that dates back to 2001 but we know that Rockstar likes to do things on their own and do things at their own pace, but I feel like we’re going to get something at E3 regarding Red Dead Redemption 2, a new trailer or some sort of new information regarding the game on Playstation’s conference.

There were some insider info and some rumors that Red Dead Redemption 2 was going to debut at E3 2016 with a very violent trailer in the style of the Hateful Eight but apparently Rockstar pulled it from the lineup because of the Pulse nightclub shooting, so we might get to see that trailer now or we’ll never get to see it. This is a maybe but I would like to see the game at E3.

Starfield is revealed to the world during Bethesda’s Conference.


We believe that Starfield is the next big game from Todd Howard and the rest of Bethesda Game Studios, there has been rumors regarding the game and the trademark keeps getting renewed so I stand to believe that they want to show the game off.

I also predict that this game is going to come out this year.

A Reboot of Medal of Honor is announced at EA Play.


Medal of Honor was cancelled back in 2013 because of the low-sales and bad reviews of Medal of Honor: Warfighter, the game was a complete disaster so EA cancelled it and Danger Close Studios was renamed to DICE LA and has been helping out with Battlefield 1’s expansion packs and updates. So, why not let them have another chance to bring back Medal of Honor in a modern fashion that is unique and interesting.

The reboot of Medal of Honor should be Single-Player and Multiplayer focused, but the focus is on Single-Player. Let the Single-Player take place in WW2 and return the game to what made it special in the first place with not a heavy emphasis on cutscenes and a bunch of unrelevant things that made Warfighter so stupid. Focus on being dark, gritty, and mature that focuses on a single character as he and his squad goes through a single chapter in the war’s history, it can be the Normandy Breakout or the Philippines that includes the Bataan Death March or Guadalcanal to Okinawa, or you can take the Battlefield 1 route where it’s an anthology and a broad view of WW2.

The Multiplayer should be good Multiplayer, return it to Medal of Honor 2010’s Multiplayer but with the theme and motifs of WW2. Include Operations, or a form of Operations and include small-scale multiplayer, make it like Battlefield 1’s multiplayer where it’s interesting and unique.

Another Batman Arkham game is announced and shown off, released this year.


There was a rumor a couple months ago, want to say April or March that WB was going to announce another game in the Arkham franchise, titled Arkham Insurgency where it takes place in the years after Arkham Origins and will include the infamous Court of Owls, the secret society of Gotham City. I would like to see another Arkham Game, love those games although Arkham Knight was a mediocre game.

Project Scorpio is $399



I predict Scorpio is $399, I don’t believe this is true because of the power and the potential Scorpio has but I really want it to be true and I want it to happen. The  $399 price point is crucial to the Xbox brand, but also I feel like they can get away with $500 which is manageable but a price point of $399 is a steal. It’s been a rough 4 years for Xbox fans and I believe now is the time to change and that price point of $399 will be a big change and a big mic-drop.

Xbox announces New Exclusives.



Now, is the time for change right? Xbox needs to change, it is crucial for them to have fresh new franchises meant for the modern day. Now, I’m not saying that Halo and Gears are not for the modern day but I’m saying those franchises, excluding Forza don’t have the same spark as they used too back in 2007 or 2008 for example. Halo 3, Gears 2 and Gears 3 were the bomb diggitty back in the day and people were excited for those games but now that’s not the case. Gears of War 4 lacked something special and Halo 5 was a disaster of a game when it came to single-player and the light is slowly fading for those two big franchises so now there needs to be new franchises that excite, innoviate, and become iconic and legendary and are synonymous with Xbox as Halo and Gears.

* * *

This does it for E3 predictions, See you all at E3!

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