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Letters from the Front

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You might remember this from a couple months ago, the first night time map coming to Battlefield 1. Nivelle Nights is a map set during the Nivelle Offensive which was waged in the spring of 1917 where the French was bogged down at the Chemin-Des-Dames Ridge and by the end, they couldn’t push the German Empire out of the region until late October where the French conducted small operations at La Malmaison where they eventually pushed them across the Ailette Valley.

The failure of the Nivelle Offensive and the incredibly high numbers of French soldiers lost in the fighting led to mutinies and Robert Nivelle was sacked for his incompetence and failure to take the ridge, so Phillipe Pertain,” The lion of Verdun” took control of the French forces for the remainder of the Great War.

As you may recall, I said of the map back in April when it first appeared on the Battlefield 1 CTE that the map was decent but it was lacking that serious tone completely, it didn’t do Trench raiding or trench warfare justice as opposed to other maps like St. Quentin and Argonne Forest where DICE treats trench raiding and trench warfare justice, I was disappointed that Nivelle Nights didn’t have that because everybody was running around the map like 99.9% maps in the game when it comes to Conquest but then again, the map was super early in development and didn’t work well and it just wasn’t doing it for me. However, I have changed my mind at EA Play.

The map has been redesigned to fit with that theme of Trench warfare and Trench raiding that was prevalent in the early years of the Great War before the German Breakthrough at St. Quentin in 1918.  I think this will become one of my favorite maps in Battlefield 1, let’s take a deep dive-in.



The map has been redesigned slightly,  albeit with the same remaining structure of trenches on the opposite sides of the map and a open field in the middle that acts as No Man’s Land and this becomes a deathzone with snipers and machine-gunners being deployed.

The objectives somewhat remain the same but the map has been completely revamped with more features and looks more like a map then what I played back on the CTE several months ago and although I still don’t like how Conquest works on this map, I just want this map to be on Frontlines or Operations where the trench warfare and trench raiding theme will shine the most on. The map looks more detailed and more cool-looking, instead of a hazy evening color DICE LA has darken the skies a little bit to make it like a beautiful night sky under a full moon.

I like the direction of the map has taken and stay tuned for my First Impressions later this month.



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