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Letters from the Front



Let’s be honest here, EA doesn’t do good conferences at E3. They’re just terrible as opposed to Microsoft, Sony, Bethesda, and Ubisoft. Most if not all of the conference was boring and once again felt very typical just to appease their investors and once again, EA didn’t really resonate with me but I applaud them with cutting down the sports stuff and focusing on Battlefield, Battlefront II, and some other cool games. As with any EA games, they make interesting games that intrigue you and have your eye so here are some games that I want to try:

Battlefield 1: In The Name of the Tsar


Snow combat.


Battlefield 1 is a game that keeps on giving to be honest, although the lack of content and long months without having much of anything, I’m glad that DICE is handing out monthly updates and more content with maps like Nivelle Nights and Prise de Tahure that releases this month and next month and in September, they’re releasing In The Name of the Tsar that sees the Russian Empire joining the fight.

If I’m able to play one of the maps at E3, I’ll bring it you in the next couple of days but this expansion pack looks really cool and neat. Females are coming to Battlefield in the role of the Scout as the Russian Death Battalion that was all female regiment and they were fearless.

Star Wars: Battlefront II


Chewbacca and Clone Troopers. 


The original 2015 reboot was a game that was complete garbage, boring, and a game that was lacking content but now it seems like EA DICE has listened to the fans and have brought a game that is full of content and different things to do. This game is amazing and I thought that the game looks great and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

I’m stoked about Battlefront II, it’s the fan service and the lack of a season pass that’s really selling it to me. I wished DICE did the same with Battlefield 1 but I hope they take out the Premium Pass for the next Battlefield game and push that free content as they’re doing now with Battlefront II. Definitely Day-One.  If I can play the game, you will certainly be notified with a first impressions look at EA Play.

A Way Out

A Way Out seems to be interesting and really cool.  It seems to be doing something that not many games are doing. The basis is co-op and it is a necessary component of the game and it looks really neat. I can’t wait to see more.

Those are three games that took it home for me, I didn’t really feel much as for the sports title like NBA Live, Madden, and FIFA. Once again, EA decided to do a lackluster conference yet again and let’s hope for a better conference in 2018.

2 comments on “EA Play 2017 Review

  1. A Way Out seems really interesting. Plus it has LOCAL CO-OP! That’s a gold standard for me these days.

    1. Physics says:

      Not many games do local co-op anymore so that’s one of the reasons why it looks interesting and looks pretty neat.

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