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Letters from the Front



What an underwhelming conference that was, Microsoft somewhat knocked the ball to the left field but they didn’t hit a homerun in regards to games. But they did hit  a homerun with the new Xbox which now we know the name, how the console looks, and the price which is fine for what you’re getting but still it was pretty underwhelming. Let’s get into it.

Xbox One X

x 12


Beautiful and powerful. It is the smallest Xbox ever and it looks great, it is the most powerful console to date and I like it.

The Xbox One X is $500, a prediction that I made and it turned out to be right. For what you’re getting, the price is right. A PC with those specs go pretty high in the market so to have a console that has something mighty close to the PC is refreshing for those that don’t want to hassle with what comes in a PC. We’re going to get into the price right now.

$500 Price Tag



Okay, I might get some heat for this but I believe the $500 USD price tag is justified. For what you’re getting and for what you’re playing with, a 500 price tag is completely justifiable. This isn’t hardware for your everyday gamer or for your average joe, this is meant for your hardcore gamer and for people who knows what 4K and HDR is. I don’t expect your regular joe or mom and dad or grandpa and grandma to know what 4K and HDR is so this is a good price.

I have nothing else to say but it is justifiable. I understand the reasoning behind it.

Diversive Library



I thought that the Xbox E3 conference was full of games, albiet lacking with a new exclusive which we’ll dive into at the moment. I thought most of the games weren’t my cup of tea outside of a few games like Cuphead, Crackdown 3, and a few others but certainly I know that most of the games there aren’t my cup of tea but I like what they’re doing.

I’m glad that Phil Spencer is trying to bring some Eastern games to the platform, like Japanese games for example. On the 360, games from Japan were on the console until Playstation 4 came out but I’m glad that they’re pushing in a new direction.

No New Triple A Exclusives.



This is where I got angry and just disappointed with the conference. Instead of trying to compete with Playstation and games like Spiderman, The Last of Us, and God of War for example, they just didn’t bring the pain with the library. They brought the pain with the hardware which is a plus but they didn’t bring anything new which is inexcusable.

It is inexcusable because Playstation has all the games and those games look interesting and fun to play and they have games like TLOU that break the bold of gaming and push what gaming is, I would like to see Xbox do that and bring out games like TLOU or Horizon Zero Dawn where they’re breaking the mold. Halo, Forza, Gears, and most certainly not Sea of Thieves will not stand up to the likes of those games and I feel sorry for Microsoft.

In the end, it is what it is and I’m disappointed that they didn’t show any new exclusive games and I hope that next year they will bring the exclusives. The Xbox is lacking in anything exclusive and they need something, anything outside of timed exclusives or exclusives that don’t really interest a person like me. Bring your A++ game next time, Microsoft.

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