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Letters from the Front



I got time with Wolfenstein 2 at this year’s E3, the first 20 minutes of the game which is over the top, ridiculous fun and over the top slaughter of everyone’s favorite pasttime which is murdering Nazis and is peppered with seriousness and hilariousness. From my time with the game, it seems that Wolf 2 will be more bloodier and will double down on what made the reboot so fantastic.

Wolf 2 opens up with a terribly damaged Blazkowicz, what happended after The New Order left him badly injured so you spend the first 20 minutes of the game in the wheelchair and what a blast that was. You’re blasting Nazis in the face with a machinegun that sits on Blazkowicz’s lap and it feels so satisfying to blast Nazis in the face again. The world is built for his wheelchair, conveyor belts and elevators send him flying while shooting Nazis. The game is hilariously funny as well, when I met with Seth Roth who explains that the Nazis have been looking for you. As he talks, the Nazis are trying to get to you and they just fry to death thanks to his elaborate traps and it is a visual gag. Here’s the catch: I gained control of the traps and just started to have fun with them, Nazis are the most fun enemies in any shooter that happens to feature them and they’re so stupid to run through them, leaving nothing but their helmets and weapons.

I’m going to skip writing about the cutscene here as it is about spoilers and I’m going to write about the setting here. Wolf 2 takes place in 1961, a year after The New Order and the Nazis have become stronger and they have occupied America, and it is up to you to free your home and drive them back. One thing I like about Wolf 2 is that it is detailed and is filled with little things that speak 20th century Americana, and the game looks extremely good. I want to see how it will look like on Xbox One X unless the demo I played was on the system itself, the game is beautiful.



The demo concluded with something that made me laugh although I shouldn’t had, and it’s here that I’m reintroduced to Fraulein Engel or better known as Frau Engel, stepping up now as the villain of the sequel. What a present surprise, Frau Engel is a villain that you don’t get anywhere else she’s despicable, maniac, and as unpredictable as she was in the reboot but this time, she’s accompanied by her daughter Sigrun, her short, fat disappointment who she berates for not living up to her Aryan ideals. It is the most hilarious thing as the demo concludes with her mother instructing Sigrun to behead a resistance member and she holds the axe, trembling and sobbing asking her mother to not make her do this and she’s being taunted and laughed at by fellow Nazis, their faces masked to erase any sort of feeling or sympathy and somehow I found this funny and I laughed at it, also erasing any sort of feeling that I had for Sigrun.

Wolfenstein 2 releases this October.

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