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Letters from the Front

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Microsoft wrapped up it’s E3 2017 showcase, outlining a diverse lineup and the biggest additions to the Xbox One for the rest of the year and beyond. The Xbox One X saw it’s first debut, a impressive console, but the games took up the majority of their conference last Sunday.

This year’s event was crucial for Xbox, with the need to start new franchises in the wake of Sony’s continuing domination and to kick-start Xbox One X. Xbox’s approach was on watch the entirety of the show, but they failed to bring in the new exclusives despite Phil Spencer saying that he has made deals recently and that they’re currently on a few new projects.

As with any console announcement, to push a premium product you need a premium library of games. Xbox wasn’t reluctant to let software dominate its E3 presence, with 42 games showcased over the course of a nearly two-hour long show. It touted the “largest and most diverse games lineup” in the history of the Xbox One, they continued to hammer the point home until the very end.

I’ll give credit where it’s due, they hosted a conference where I was excited and at least interested in some of the titles that were being shown. A sleuth of first and third party games, like the unveiling of Metro: Exodus which looked extremely good. However, even with games like Metro: Exodus, Cuphead, Forza 7, there’s still a lack of exclusive games.



Microsoft’s first party efforts weren’t in the best place ahead of E3, and most certainly they aren’t now although there have been deals taking place and working on things according to Phil Spencer,most likely we won’t see these games until next year’s E3 or at E3 2019 and beyond.  It feels like the lineup has been misguided since the beginning of the generation, with only the pre-established franchises truly thriving. This past Sunday confirmed that, sadly.

Today, as in right now, the lineup is weak although Xbox One and PC owners will get a slew of exclusive launches like Forza 7 and Cuphead, there wasn’t even a tease of games to come, leaving people with a little hint to what’s coming in 2018 although I feel like we’re going to get alot more games at next year’s E3.

It’s hard to not look at it and start criticizing left and right on how Microsoft went about presenting it’s first-party stuff, in a move that pushed blockbusters onto the sideline. Relaying almost entirely on third-party games like Metro and Anthem, the new game from the REAL Bioware and each receiving on-screen demos running on Xbox One X. Last Generation, the Xbox 360 had a reputation for being the console that only offered shooters as Gears of War, Halo, and Call of Duty were on the platform and where most people played Call of Duty on the 360 but they’ve been trying to move away from that, and this year they actually did with Gears and Halo not even showing up.

If E3 proved anything, Microsoft and the Xbox brand needs new exclusives and show them upfront. They have to be on par or ahead of the game of Sony, if they want to compete with their first-party lineup then they must bring the pain.



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