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Letters from the Front



Call of Duty: WW2 was announced back in April and the news was ecstatic. For the first time in years, I found myself excited and I found myself in the first time since Black Ops II to be interested in a Call of Duty game.

I was a big fan of Call of Duty up until Advanced Warfare, that was the first time in the series that it went fully futuristic with exosuits and laser guns, I couldn’t stand it anymore so I gave it up until this past April when it was revealed that the rumors and the leaks were true that Sledgehammer was developing a Call of Duty set within the Second World War, this was the first time in a while that everyone was curious and excited that Call of Duty has “returned”. When WW2 was announced, I saw the same thing that was being said every year that “Call of Duty multiplayer hasn’t been good since  Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2.” or, “MW2 is still the best game in the series.”

So, I decided to write an article based around it and is it though?

I decided to boot the game up again, after years of not playing. Returning to the game years and years after it’s release reminded me of how much I loved this game and how cool it was for it’s time when it released in 2009 and how much it centered around improving what COD4 was and cemented the status quo for what we see today in 2017 with multiplayer games. Think back to 2009 if you were around during that period, when everybody wanted to take a piece out of the Call of Duty pie. Other military shooters, including Battlefield was trying to swat it out of the air,. but none came close to Modern Warfare and it’s sequel, MW2.

Everything was completely different to the modern day ones we see now, I was playing shitty because it took me a minute to get adjusted to the Call of Duty playstyle and the way how it’s played after playing Battlefield 1 for such a long time, but eventually I was able to pick off enemies in the traditional run and gun style of Call of Duty, the good thing about Call of Duty is that if you master one then you basically master every single one that comes out because the core gameplay hasn’t changed. Come the end, I go extremely positive with a few comebacks in there.

The next map was Crash, the map from Modern Warfare and the map that holds good memories for me. It’s a dream for objective based modes like Search and Destroy, Headquarters, and Sabotage and with the AC-130 gridlocking the skies above- victory is in our hands. It was great to see our team hunkering down in the famous building by the A flag in Domination and the other famous building that’s adjacent to it with snipers on the rooftops. The next several matches went through Karachi, Derail, Scrapyard, Underpass, Salvage, and Storm with it’s industrial theme and rainstorm effects. You can say rose-tinted glasses but the whole 5-7 hour experience was just “YESSS.” whenever a map rotated in the lobby. The locales were varied as opposed to that of Modern Warfare were there were just only Russian and Middle Eastern landscapes, but the map design in MW2 is still ingrained in my noggin.



The question is if MW2 still the best multiplayer experience that Call of Duty offered? Has the newer installments and hasn’t stacked up to produce something superior? Yes, to an exact outside of the first two Black Ops, MW2 is still the best and most definitive multiplayer experience and in my eyes, this is the second best entry in the modern Call of Duty games. I don’t think we’ll ever get another Call of Duty on the scale and size of MW2.

Comparing Black Ops II to Infinite Warfare and MW2 reveals three very different experiences with different approaches to gameplay. Will WW2 end up being another MW2? Let’s hope and let’s see when the game drops in November.


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