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Letters from the Front


Snow combat.


At EA Play, I got hands on with In The Name of The Tsar which is the brand new expansion pack coming to Battlefield 1 in September and it is one of the largest expansion packs coming to the game to date. I got hands on with Lupkow Pass, one of the snow maps that features the Russians and the Austro-Hungrians. In typical Battlefield fashion, I will start off with some background about the Lupkow Pass and the Russian effort during World War I.

The Russian Army at the time of World War I was the largest army in Eastern Europe and they contributed alot to the Allied cause on their end of the fighting. At the outbreak of World War I, Tsar Nichols II appointed his cousin, Grand Duke Nichols as Commander-in-Chief and war began in the East with their invasion of East Prussia in 1914 and after suffering defeat at Tannenberg, they came back and won the day. On the Western Front, Russia played a major role in helping the Western Allies, they dispatched an Expeditionary Force to France in 1915.

War in the East broke out with the Russian Invasion of East Prussia in 1914, it lasted from August to September and despite having an overwhelming force, the Russians were defeated at Tannenberg and the first Battle of the Masurian Lakes in East Prussia, now modern-day Poland in 1914.

Only one map was playable which was the Lupkow Pass. The Lupkow Pass was one of the most contested lands in the East, not much is known about the battle I found very few articles regarding the battle so here’s what I can spare: The Lupkow Pass is a significant mountain pass in the Carpathians on the border between Poland and Slovakia, and close to the western border of Ukraine. Underneath the pass is a railway tunnel and this was the site of heavy fighting between the Russian Empire and Austro-Hungarians.  The Pass was destroyed during the fighting but was rebuilt in 1945 but wasn’t used as often, later in 1999 the pass saw use again as a regular passenger rail service which was installed.

Lupkow Pass is a map that is set in the snow and it’s pretty large, I think it will become one of my favorite maps. The reason why I say that is because it reminds me alot of Battlefield 2 and the maps that were part of that game, it’s massive.

The map is filled with snow and woodland, with hills and frozen ravens. The Russian Empire goes up against the Austro-Hungrians in the frozen tundra of the Pass and it’s typical Conquest for now as it is early in development and not much can be said, the Muromets Bomber and different vehicles are left out excluding the Armored Train that serves as the Behemoth ( I’m not sure if the Muromets is also a Behemoth.)  but I like the map and there’s really not much to say besides the weapons.

The weapons are amazing, especially the new Medic Rifle the Automatic Rifle which is pretty good. The new Medic Rifle that’s called the Fedorov Automat  packs quite a punch alongside the MG 14/17 Parabellum and the brand new Double-Barreled Shottie, photos are below:


The new Fedorov Avtomat Medic Rifle.


The Parabellum MG14 / 17.


The Model 1900 Double-Barrelled for the Assault Class.

For now, I’ve liked what I’ve seen and I can’t wait to get my hands on the new equipment and play as the new Russian Battalion of Death who were these fearless women who fought tooth and nail against the Central Powers.

Stay tuned this August for my first impressions of the map.

( Thanks to BFBulletin for his screenshots.) 







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