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Letters from the Front


For the last couple of years, probably dating back to Advanced Warfare in 2014 something weird has been going on with Call of Duty.  Even though, it’s the biggest and best-selling game of each and every year genuine excitement for the franchise has been slipping which makes sense as sales keep dropping, as the franchise never hit the same stride as when MW2, BO, MW3, BOII released in their respective timeframe and I’m keeping an eye on it as Call of Duty is returning to what made them so iconic all those years ago.

So far, WWII seems to not have that Infinite Warfare situation where early reactions of the game were incredibly  hostile but I’m surprised by how muted that response has been as fans of the franchise, especially older fans like myself have been asking for a game like this for the past several years.

In some ways, I keep wondering on if Call of Duty: WWII missed the mark and came like a year too late or something like that. Battlefield 1’s reaction has been so positive and has been praised to the heavens for doing something different and unique while Call of Duty went and did the same thing again. Now, a year later, Call of Duty is returning to WWII and despite people like myself are legit excited, some people aren’t so excited because of multi-racial, multi-gender characters within multiplayer even on the German side.

It doesn’t feel at least to me that Call of Duty isn’t actually saying much about it’s return to WWII after a nine year hiatus with the setting, it’s just another skin meanwhile Battlefield 1 went above and beyond to create something new and unique while the Multiplayer is this grand, immersive, Saving Private Ryan type deal that it keeps you hooked and you want more.

tank 2

Call of Duty: WWII is in a jimmy because Infinite Warfare had the advantage of being attached to COD4 Remastered and even with that attached, sales were still down. Currently, outside of the singleplayer, I don’t see Call of Duty:WWII’s multiplayer even getting hands on with it at E3 being that much of a gamechanger like Battlefield 1’s Multiplayer has been, I wonder how “BOTG” philosophy will work amongst the newer fans who entered the franchise with Advanced Warfare, Black Ops III, and Infinite Warfare who have been trained for the same three years on the Jetpack / Advanced Movement and if those fans will at least take an interesting look at WWII.

I haven’t seen much evidence of Call of Duty making a big deal out of returning to the setting, and the marketing at least hints at that and it doesn’t really feel like it is one of the biggest most anticipated games of the Fall. Maybe that will change as soon as I get my hands on with the beta this September but for now, outside of a handful including myself, there’s caution and a muted response to Call of Duty: WWII.


2 comments on “The Strange and Muted Response to Call of Duty:WWII

  1. I suspect there are a lot of people that are tired of the COD formula. It doesn’t matter what the setting is, the gameplay always seems to feel the same. Add to that the number of people who were upset over the MWR issue with the most recent release and I can understand the lack of build up from the fan base.

    1. Physics says:

      Most likely, yeah. The gameplay looks and feels the same just like every other game dating back to at least the original Black Ops. The MWR issue is just stupid, instead of waiting about 6 months to release the game separately, they just should have made the game available to all in December.

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