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Letters from the Front


These days in the world of videogames, it’s easy for perception to become reality and somehow it was always like that and all it takes is one post and a label to get attached to that post and the entire thing comes crashing down. This is slowly becoming reality for the Xbox brand and frankly that saying is somewhat true to Xbox this generation. Fable Legends? Scalebound? Lionhead? Press Play? Ion? You know these games and companies have in common, they’ve either been cancelled or shuttered and yes they’re normal but they were done publicly and that spreads negative perception and negative attention.

The latest symptom is Crackdown 3, Crackdown 3 was announced on Friday that it would need to be pushed back until 2018 and Xbox has only one triple A exclusive this Fall and that’s Forza 7 in the wake of Crackdown’s reception at E3 earlier this year and for all of 2017, there isn’t enough there just only Halo Wars 2 and Forza 7.

So how can it change? What does Phil has to change to make the Xbox brand better and frankly in my opinion back to the days of the Xbox 360 generation? To the best of my knowledge and quite frankly, everyone’s knowledge is that they don’t have alot of first party unlike Sony, they ( Xbox ) have 4 first party studios. It takes time to build new studios and get them pumping out the merchandise but it needs to happen, I made a little bit of a list in order to change Xbox.

Reboot Fable at CDPR

What makes Lionhead’s closure so sad is that it never happened, Microsoft pushed them to make games as a service and when Fable Legends was revealed to the world, it kinda had fans worried and it failed. Microsoft shuttered them and I still believe that franchise is still pretty ripe and healthy with just under 3 games under the franchise’s belt, I believe that it can do right with a new developer and carry it with the British charm that the franchise is known for. Enter CDProkjectRed.

By all accounts, I believe that CDPR is the new Bethesda and with the result of The Witcher 3 and what that game has accomplished, why not give the Fable franchise to them for a reboot, Microsoft can contract them for first party games and under their wing, CDPR can give the Xbox One / Future Xbox the First Party RPG of a lifetime. CDPR is an award-winning studio and they can bring their expertise and knowledge to Fable. A Mature storyline, British humor, and a game that’s quite different from The Witcher. They can nurture it, making sure that CDPR is handling Fable correctly.

Alan Wake 2, Make This Shit Happen Already


Look I’m sure there’s plenty of reasons on why Microsoft decided to lose it’s partnership with Remedy after Quantum Break but Alan Wake is near and dear to Remedy’s heart and they don’t want to give it over to their ex, as it’s also very close to Xbox player’s hearts. The original released on the same day as Red Dead Redemption, putting inside of sewer but the game has gone on to healthy sales thanks to a good reputation in the years / months following.

Remedy wants to go back to Alan Wake 2 and Xbox fans have been crying out for the past 7 years and guess what, it’s time to give the fans what they want. A single-player only, cinematic experience that Remedy can only pull. Alan Wake 2 will be a knockout blow and a mic-drop moment at E3.

Bring back Jade Empire.

jade 2

Imagine the mic-drop moment if Jade Empire 2 was teased at E3. I’m with the other fans who have been crying out for a Jade Empire 2 for the longest time and guess what, Jade Empire is worthy of having a better sequel under it’s belt. Jade Empire is untapped franchise potential, and I would love to see BioWare and Xbox bring it back.

The legacy of Jade Empire is so great that I’m really not sure why BioWare doesn’t want to follow up with a sequel. Bring back Jade Empire, guys. Please?

KOTOR 3, guys


Holy crap, what I wouldn’t do to make KOTOR 3 a reality. At this point, it’s probably like Half-Life 3 and will never happen although we all want it to.  There have been rumors of a reboot happening in the current lore of the Star Wars universe, but I doubt that’s going to happen.

KOTOR is one of those games that is near and dear to my heart although not on the same level as some other games but I would like to see it comeback in a rebooted stage by EA and the real BioWare aka Edmonton and make it an Xbox Exclusive.

Create New Studios


This is the most important thing, create new studios and create new franchises. At this point, it’s nearly been 16 years since Halo was first introduced with Halo: CE and 11 years since Gears of War entered the sphere, those two franchises are now considered “dead” because it isn’t the same as it used to be and the light is slowly fading from those franchises. They won’t hold much water so it’s time to create something new and unique to add to the Xbox lineup and those new franchises will become iconic and legendary if successful.

I’ve always wanted Microsoft Studios to create something similar to Fallout, an RPG that’s set at the end of the world in a specific time period or something similar to BioShock, instead of churning out the same old crap or something like The Last of Us or Uncharted, that has more appeal to those who aren’t quite interested in shooters and explosions.

It’s time to fix Xbox’s first party problems and bring them back from whatever it is that they’re doing. They need to go in the right direction which they’ve been doing, but now’s the time to set a plan in motion and release the goods.













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