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Letters from the Front



( I know not to judge a Beta, but frankly you can tell how the final game might be like. Enjoy this somewhat of a rant.)

As a lapsed fan of Call of Duty and someone who’s looking to return into the franchise, I’m curious about the return to WW2 and frankly to say, I’m disappointed and the fear that I had back in April is real. The concerns of Call of Duty is still here and frankly, the problems of the past still remain and I fear that my realization that Call of Duty is somewhat “dead” is true, before I get hated upon and people start to call me a “Hater” , hear me out.

As you may recall, WWII was announced back in April and I was excited but weary until now. World War II is not the answer to Call of Duty’s problems.

What do I mean by that?  It’s not that Call of Duty: WWII can be a great game. In fact, the graphics look okay at best and the controls are super tight as Call of Duty always been. The issue is, no matter how much I love World War II, it’s kinda played out and this game is somewhat mediocre representation of the conflict. We’ve seen and done this all before two generations ago, the reason why Battlefield 1 is a such a great game is because we haven’t been to The Great War yet and we haven’t touched those weapons, vehicles, and aircraft ever before. Starting up the beta, I was transported back to that terrible game called “Call of Duty 3”.

Nostalgia can get you so far and more to the point, is that Activision can’t get this series to three games. The problems of Call of Duty are real, those problems were not enough interest that could pad out this generation like Modern Warfare and World at War did last generation. Ghosts, Infinite Warfare, and Advanced Warfare had that interest in mind and each failed to do so.


A few couple of points though.

Although, I didn’t play it or took any interest in it. Call of Duty: Ghosts to me is the apex and height of classic Call of Duty, that should and still very much happen that Ghosts be revived and turn into a Trilogy much like Modern Warfare did before it.

I never played Black Ops III and how that game is still being played two years after it came out is frankly what the fans call it one of the greatest Call of Duty games ever even if it’s the closure of the futuristic and jetpack versions of the CoD series.

In it’s current form, Call of Duty: WWII isn’t that great of a game and frankly it’s sorta boring and it didn’t me keep interested in all of the modes except for War.

As mediocre as it is,  I’m worried about how the game will pull me in and I’m worried about longevity. I feel like this game won’t have the legs to stand the power of Battlefield 1 and what the future of gaming is in the next year, also I’m worried about how this game will pull me in and stick with it when Battlefield 1 does everything so much better, like gunplay. The gunplay in COD:WWII feels uninspired and just lazy, it’s easy to use any gun in the game like the M1 Garand doesn’t have any skill to it and the Thompson is to easy to use because it and many other SMG’s don’t have any recoil to them except for the MP28 and the game overall just feels unoriginal and boring.

For now, I will only play the campaign, zombies, and War until they fix the rest of the game like maps where you can use all the weapons instead of some. I will keep my eyes on the game and check out my thoughts on the beta tomorrow.



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