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Letters from the Front

Gasmask 2


I’ve been a lapsed Call of Duty fan since Advanced Warfare, that’s where I said enough is enough and pulled away from the franchise. I promised myself that if Call of Duty can sort itself out and return to WW2 or any other historical or modern setting in the style of COD4 and if it was a good game and returned Call of Duty to being a good franchise, I would return and it looks like I will stay away from the franchise until next year when I tell myself the same bullshit lie again and again.

I have a love / hate relationship with the franchise, I would like to return to the franchise but perhaps it has outgrown me as I don’t find it enjoyable anymore and that is the case here. The only mode I find enjoyable is War which was frankly the only best part of the beta because the rest was very disappointing.

To be fair, the reason why it was disappointing is that WW2 isn’t the problem of Call of Duty, it’s how the game is played and what is featured in it. Instead of fixing the problems of past Call of Duty titles, it is more of the same and on top of that it is a incredibly mediocre look at the war and somewhat of a politicized version of the war with female soldiers on both sides. It’s just more of the same like broken hitmarkers, who’s hosting and broken guns like sniping people from 5 miles away with a shotgun, instead of updating the game with dedicated servers, anti-cheat software, and other things that 2017 games have, they just pull out the same thing again. This game reinforces the fact that Call of Duty is dead and is in need of changing the formula up instead of going to WW2.

Also another point is that no matter how much I love WW2, WW2 is incredibly played out in videogames. We’ve seen Normandy, Ardennes, Saint Lo a dozen million times so it loses the imagination and wonder that you have because you already know the story behind those events and because every single WW2 videogame has thrown those locations down your throat. Instead of throwing you into these iconic locales, they could’ve thrown you into big events and small events that took place during the war and where history hasn’t touched before like taking Cherbourg, or playing as the French Resistance or capturing Monte Cassino or Anzio, battles and stories that we haven’t seen before in WW2 videogames. It’s cool to return to the Western Front during WW2 but to be honest, it’s just more of the same things being thrown down your throat.



The coolest thing about the beta was Divisions, Divisions are classes where you can do different things and have different equipment. For example, you pick the Airborne class and you have a suppressor that you can automatically attach or detach or if you pick Infantry, you have a bayonet charge and can have up to 3 attachments on your weapons and there aren’t perks anymore, they’re called Division and Basic Training where you can do different things, for example you can have two primaries with you or you can take a M1 Bazooka with you in battle and you’re trained to use a Bazooka. These Divisions are cool since they freshen up the formula.

They also brought in the game mode of War which is a rift on Operations and a complete redesign of the original mode in World at War which released back in 2008. War is probably the only thing that Call of Duty:WWII is going for it as the rest of the multiplayer experience seems to be mediocre. War is a gamemode where you have to capture and defend objectives like planting a bomb at a Ammo Depot or build a bridge so Shermans can get across and destroy the Flak 88’s, War makes you feel immersed in the mode and makes you feel like you’re a tiny part in a large conflict but other then that, Call of Duty:WW2’s multiplayer just sucks overall.

I hope they change it because I feel like the game won’t have enough legs and people will play Black Ops 3 yet again, this multiplayer isn’t even passable or decent, it’s just more of the same old and tired formula. This beta just confirmed that this game and the franchise needs a major change up but WW2 isn’t the answer to the problems. Stay tuned for my first impressions of the Campaign, Zombies, and more War mode on November 3rd.




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