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Letters from the Front


Dual Wielding.

Earlier today, Rockstar released a brand new trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 and today we’re going to analysis it, look over some of the most important scenes of the brand new trailer. We got alot of brand new information regarding the game’s plot, although we still don’t know the time setting when it comes to historical pinpointing, we’re going to try to pinpoint it because it looks to be a west that’s been established.

I’m not sure when’s the next time we’ll get brand new info on the game, so here goes!

Screenshot (1)

American landscape. This particular region looks to be inspired by the Midwest and the season looks to be Autumn which is probably where the game takes place.

Screenshot (2).png

The main protagonist whose name is Arthur Morgan. , he’s the one that’s been focused heavily on since the game was revealed. Here, he’s riding into a forest. The forest looks to be inspired by the forests of the Pacific Northwest.

Screenshot (14)

Landscape here seems to be inspired by the Rockies, perhaps the map that was leaked back in April of 2016 is real? It has to be.

Screenshot (4)

This scene here is probably one of my favorite shots in the entire trailer. The Transcontinental railroad was the first railroad built between 1863 and 1869 that connected East to West and by the end of the 1800’s, the railway revolutionized the settlement and economy of the Final Frontier. Regular passengers and the Military began using railroads and trains. The Steam Train became popular, I wonder here if the train in this scene is Military or just a regular train with money in the safe. I wonder if the time setting is somewhere between 1880-1909?

Screenshot (5)

Arthur mentions that they’re on the run and that the Law has been chasing them from the West and across the Mountains, which probably means that this time the game will most likely take place in the East and to the north of RDR 1’s original location. Here in this scene is most likely the law enforcement that’s chasing Arthur.

Screenshot (7)

I wonder who is this female character and what’s her relationship with Arthur since she’s heard saying that he’s the only one that she can trust. Most likely, the relationship will be strong but in what way? Also, will we able to play as her?

Screenshot (10)

In this scene, Arthur is seen duel-wield which is the second confirmation that we’ll be able to duel wield. Is this the same town as we saw in the screenshot back in May?

Screenshot (8)

This is interesting. A rumor that was going around the internet was that RDR 2 would be a prequel and focused on Dutch’s gang and here we have Dutch before he went mad in the original game. That rumor happens to be true.

Screenshot (11)

Dutch and Arthur, judging from the clothing from the era: It’s probably from 1880’s to early 1900’s. Many people in the West wore these kinds of outfits, for cattling, farming, and regular day life. Perhaps, we’ll be able to change outfits like in the original. Also, one more thing: In a different scene, there’s a barbershop so perhaps we’ll be able to customize Arthur to our liking?


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