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Letters from the Front



The latest expansion to Battlefield 1 adds alot of excellent content to the game, such as new weapons and new battles as well as introducing the Russian Empire and the fallout of the Bolshevik Revolution that would later go on to form the Soviet Union. It’s a bleak atmosphere and expansive battlefield, In The Name of the Tsar doesn’t just expand the game it highlights the reason why I’m so intrigued with Battlefield 1.

One of the greatest strengths Battlefield 1 has is the robust and highly rewarding multiplayer experience, In The Name of the Tsar adds to this experience and it boasts a collection of maps that are cruel, bloody, and capture the realities of the Eastern Front during The Great War.

While They Shall Not Pass opted for more action on the Western Front with bombastic recreation of battles like Verdun, Fort de Vaux, and the American / French joint operation of taking Soissons during the Second Battle of the Marne, the mood of In The Name of the Tsar is much more understated. The six new maps were huge but devoid of anything since most of them takes place in the Carpathian Mountains all the way to the countryside of what is now modern day Poland. Volga River features 8 control flags that stretches across the riverbank of the Volga, while Albion is comprised of small islands set in the backdrop of the German invasion of the Estonian Archipelago. These maps are stark and beautiful, with wide open spaces.

The most striking map is Tsaritsyn which you may know as Stalingrad or now Volgograd, a sprawling urban map where the Red and White armies clash as they fight over the city and it features a single focal point which is the massive church in the center, machineguns and grenades rule the day in the inside while snipers and shotguns reign supreme on the outside of the church. Tsaritsyn has quite an interesting history to it: Joseph Stalin led the Red Army to victory in 1920 and 18 years later, the Wehrmacht and Panzer divisions would go head to head against the Red Army in what would become one of the most defining battles of the Second World War.



Alongside the brand new maps and the fascinating history that accompanies them, In The Name of the Tsar brings brand new weapons like the Model 1900 Shotgun which is absolutely breathtaking and melts people while the Fedorov Avtomat reworks the Medic class into the Assault class, there’s also the addition of the legendary Hussars who run down enemies on top of their horses and spear them with a calvary spear as Cavalry was quite prevalent on the Eastern Front as opposed to the battlegrounds of France and Belgium.

In The Name of the Tsar is the expansion that Battlefield 1 needed: It’s bloody, cold, and a wonderful standout addition that brings to life the Eastern Front of The Great War. The new DLC is out now for Premium pass owners and regular owners.

( Screenshots by Supremex11.)


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