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Letters from the Front


Wolfenstein II is probably hands down one of the greatest games I’ve ever played and I’m only 3 hours into it. It’s a game that’s hilariously funny, cartoonish, and so fun and obviously very very good. For example, during one cutscene BJ and Anya are having a serious conversation when they’re interrupted by Super Spesh and he’s finished using the toilet and you can’t help but laugh at his facial expression and what’s he saying and in the next mission, a Wehrmacht Soldier asks two members of the KKK if they practiced their German and they butcher the word “Danke Schoen.” and with the Wehrmacht Soldier calling them imbeciles on how they’re butchering the German language. That’s the tone of the game: Serious mixed in with some hilarious jokes.

Like with it’s predecessor, The New Order, this is a serious and fun game where you kill many many Germans to try to bring down the Nazi regime and the Third Reich. This time around, the Nazis have taken over America and it’s up to you to free Nazi-occupied America and starting a revolution. Meanwhile, Frau Engel is on a relentless hunt for BJ and your journey will take you across many locations within Nazi-occupied America including Manhattan.

I won’t say too much because I want you to experience this game and soak it in and I’ve enjoyed each and every surprise that the game is throwing at me. Most of the time, you’ll find yourself shooting Nazis in hallways and buildings.



Have you practiced your German?


I’m currently on the mission in Roswell and it’s disturbing and funny at the same time, Roswell is under Nazi occupation and you arrive during a parade while you’re disguised as a firefighter and you see alot of things: KKK members walk down the street, one woman tries to kiss a German officer, while one newspaper seller thinks he knows BJ and tells him that he’s fully behind his cause to free the country. The ambiance and aesthetics  reminded me of the opening shot of Columbia in BioShock Infinite, Nazi flags hang from buildings, the Luftwaffe flies overhead and everyone is cheering and clapping. It feels and looks real, the setting feels real. The diner scene reminded me of the Frau Engel train scene in The New Order.

The combat is more of the same as with The New Order, you can optionally sneak around and take out enemies or you can go shoot them and plus The New Colossus has the best weapons in any FPS game and the melee takeout is legit.  The Machinpistole is the standout for me and you can upgrade your weapon’s now, the nailgun attachment for the Machinpistol is straight up legit and combined with Suppressor, it’s an absolute monster at taking the stealth way.

I’m very won over Wolfenstein II, it feels fresh and it’s great fun to kill the Waffen SS or the Wehrmacht or any other military division within the Nazi regime. The New Colossus isn’t the same as it’s predecessor, and that’s good.

Stay tuned for my review.



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