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Letters from the Front


June 10th, 1944.

( As of this writing, I am already a 3rd Prestige. My review of COD: WW2 will go live Tuesday. This is one of two Multiplayer impressions, the second impressions will detail War.) 

Carentan is a port city located within Normandy in the Douve River valley at the base of the Cotentin Peninsula. In 1944, there were four major highways that led from Cherbourg, St. Lo, Bayou, and Coutances including a railroad that converged from Carentan. The Germans flooded much of the Douve River floodplain prior to D-Day in case of any Airborne drops, resulting in a marshland that was impassible for American tanks and difficult to cross for the Infantry, this tactic was used by Napoleon at the same exact location during the Napoleon Wars a century before.

Mission Albany was the first of two parachute missions, with “Mission Boston.” being the second and following it by one hour to drop the 82nd Airborne into German-occupied France. Both missions consisted of three regiment sized air landings, the drop zones of the 101st Airborne ( Mission Albany.) were east and south of Sainte-Mere-Eglise and lettered A,C, and D from north to south.

To achieve surprise, the drops were routed to approach the French coast at low altitude to remain below German radar.  Over the Cotentin Peninsula was drenched with solid cloud banks, ground fog, and German AA Batteries, the 101st Airborne dropped from the skies with heavy suppression from the German AA guns and by sunset on June 6th, 1944, they completed their objectives which were to secure the roads to Utah Beach and taking the guns at Brecourt Manor.

On June 9th, 1944, the 101st Airborne approached Carentan which was one of their objectives. There was a slow advance off Omah Beach after D-Day and Allied commanders were concerned that German divisions including the elite Fallschirmjäger moving towards Carentan might block the connection of the two beaches, it was up to the 101st Airborne to take the iconic city.


Carentan was a map in Call of Duty 2 and it was one of my favorite maps in the entire game besides Burgundy and St. Mere-Eglise , the map was heavily inspired by the set from Band of Brothers and was reimagined as Chinatown in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and it has returned here in Call of Duty WW2.

Carentan is more so a remaster of the map from CoD 2. It still holds the same layout and appearance as the version of the map that appeared in CoD 2. It is heavily inspired by the set from Band of Brothers with the MG42 in the window overlooking the hill that Cpt. Winters and the rest of Easy Company come down from when taking the city.

The multiplayer really since my first impressions of it during the beta back in September hasn’t really changed and what’s worse about is that SHG lied to us about the multiplayer, especially on Domination. In Domination, you can only get 50 points per kill and on top of that, you can get 75 points for capping flags and it is so bullshit but back to the point of the article is that it hasn’t really changed at all and it’s worse made by the fact of Domination being at 50 and made worse by the stupidity of spawn points, overpowered guns, SBMM, broken hitmarkers, and more Call of Duty antics.

Besides the negativity above, the multiplayer isn’t that bad but it’s still terrible. It was alot worse in the beta. The newest thing to come to Call of Duty is Headquarters and that is more like Destiny 2’s Hub Tower thingie and it’s okay despite the obvious ripoff from another Activision title. Here, you can pick up contracts and orders, open supply drops, watch MLG events in the local theater, go out to the gun range, and do 1v1 challenges with randoms or your friends. I do wish there were different spots for the different divisions.

Divisions is also brand new to Call of Duty, I was apprehensive but they’ve turned out to be “okay” at best. I understand the intention and concept but the execution was done poorly, each of the divisions have their skill sets and “perks” and each have their own weapon despite you can use any weapon with every class. The Mountain division is OP as shit because that’s the only way to gain Dead Silence and the other perk that makes you invisible to Enemy UAV’s, it’s escaping me. Picking a division that suits your playstyle is important, though all Divisions can be unlocked as you rank up. I really do miss Pick 10 and Create a Class because I feel that Divisions is incredibly hampered by the fact you can choose 1 “perk” or basic training, it would’ve been a lot cooler and more effective if you could run at least 2 “perks” instead of 1.

Avatar customization is “okay.” but kinda weird. I don’t really care for the women aspect  but it bothers me a little bit because SHG lied to us but( SHG claimed that the whole game would be historically accurate including multiplayer but they attempted to back-paddle and claim that campaign would be historically accurate, that’s a different topic for a different day. ) it isn’t to the point of I’m upset about it and I shouldn’t derate the game because of women being in the multiplayer. It’s whatever, I guess.

WW2’s multiplayer comes with 9 maps and all of them are travesties  outside of Sainte Marie du Mont with Carentan being locked behind the Season Pass. However, many of the maps feel very similar and to be honest, the multiplayer experience is just Advanced Warfare re-skinned and each map except Gustav Cannon favors SMG’s and shotguns then rifles.

The multiplayer for Call of Duty WW2 isn’t bad, it’s disappointing. Although, the game outside of the multiplayer isn’t terrible and offers a surprisingly fast-paced return to the era despite being the same and tiresome formula. Check out my second impressions of War which is much better tomorrow.



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