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Letters from the Front


( As of this writing, I’m already a 3rd Prestige. My review of CoD: WW2 will go live on Tuesday. This impressions detail the War mode.)

December, 1944.

The Battle of the Bulge was the last great German offensive on the Western Front during World War II. The German offensive launched through the Ardennes Forest in Belgium, France, and Luxemburg. The surprise attack caught the Allies by surprise and the Americans bore most if not all of the attack and incurred their highest casualty rate of the war since America entered in 1941. The battle also brought the end of Germany’s armored divisions, and they couldn’t replace them. German personnal including the Luftwaffe sustained heavy casualities.

The Germans intended to stop the Allied use of the port of Antwerp and to split the Allied lines in half, allowing the Germans to encircle and destroy four Allied armies and force the Western Allies to negotiate a peace treaty in their favor. Once this was accomplished, Adolf Hitler believed that he could fully focus on the Soviet Union in the East, the offensive was planned with the utmost secrecy with minimal radio traffic and movements of troops done under the cover of darkness; intercepted German communications indicated a large German offensive preparation wasn’t acted upon by the Allies.

The Germans achieved total surprise on December 16th, due to a combination of different factors including the weather and poor Allied aerial reconnaissance and a overconfidence of the Allies. They attacked a weak sector of the Allied lines, taking advantage of overcast weather conditions that grounded the Allied air superiority. Fierce resistance on the northern end of the line, around Elsborn Ridge and Bastonge to the south blocked German access to key roads that were needed to get to the port of Antwerp and this brought time for the Allies to resupply the troops on the frontlines and this sealed the fate of the offensive. By the end of January 1945, the Germans retreated back to the Siegfried Line and Churchill later gave a speech to Parliament and he said that the “Battle of the Bulge.” was the greatest American battle of the war.

Bastonge 2

War is the new mode that’s in Call of Duty: WW2, the last time the mode was seen was back in 2008 with Call of Duty: World at War and in Advanced Warfare as Momentum, it was drastically different to what is seen here in WW2. In World at War, War was similar to CTF but it was more of a tug of war gamemode with going back and forth trying to capture the flags in each point. It was the same in Advanced Warfare. Here, in WW2, War is completely different and is a rift on Rush and Operations from Battlefield 1.

In War, one team is offensive and the other is defensive and you have a set of objectives to defend or destroy. Each operation features three or four usually enjoyable tasks and ends when the both teams either win or lose then the two teams switch roles when the first round ends. If the opposing team destroys you in the first round, they will most likely do the same in the second round and the mode relays heavily on teamwork but thankfully, it’s a small price to pay to ensure that people on both teams play as the opposition.

I started with Operation Griffen, the “Battle of the Bulge.” operation and my impressions of War was favorable. I started out as the Americans trying to hold the line from German armor and infantry, but we fell back and our next objective was to stop the Germans trying to refuel their tanks and then when that didn’t work, we fell back to the Bridge and we stopped the opposition after fighting really hard. The map is pretty open but also linear which adds some flexibility to the mode and defending or taking objectives.

One thing that I don’t like about the mode is the 6v6 playerbase, it’s a complete joke when it comes to the War gamemode. If SHG played their cards right, this could’ve been epic on a grandscale with 50 or 40 players similar to Grand Operations from Battlefield 1, the maps could’ve been truly open with you taking control of tanks, jeeps, and boats similar to 2004’s Call of Duty: United Offensive where the maps were large and you could drive jeeps, boats, and tanks. 12 players works but it’s a joke, but a playerbase of 50 or 40 players could really bring out the true nature of War.

Besides that, the War gamemode is exciting and the only good mode in CoD:WW2. Stay tuned for my first impressions of the campaign and the review coming Tuesday.



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