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Letters from the Front

WW2 11

This review only covers Campaign and Multiplayer. Haven’t gotten a chance to try out Nazi Zombies.)

Call of Duty: WW2 is a return to the original recipe that made it so iconic, it’s the first game to return to the era since the masterpiece World at War back in 2008. In alot of ways, Call of Duty WW2 attempts to reboot the series as a more darker, somber military shooter that isn’t Michael Bay and more Steven Spielberg or Ken Burns but it doesn’t really work. What comes out is a completely mediocre game.

I must say that Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers has done this story way better, anything you’ve seen that is remotely similar to this story has been done way better. You’ll be going to familiar grounds here in the campaign. You play as Ronald “Red” Daniels who sees combat for the first time on D-Day with the “Big Red One.” and his squadmates are typical tropes that you see in the movies: A nerdy dude, a funny dude, the nice guy, a Jewish kid, and your typical run-of-the-mill gruff Sergeant.

I must say that the game doesn’t really make me care for the characters at all, all of the cast is forgettable, even though you see more of them then what’s shown in the beginning they’re still forgettable. I didn’t care for none of them and when one of them dies, I didn’t really care and that scene just fell flat. Band of Brothers and Saving Private Ryan execute this perfectly because they hinge on the characters and you have a strong connection there, you care for the characters. Without strong emotional hooks, the game’s characters fall flat.

The campaign took me through the most typical settings of World War II games, the same places just re-imagined and down my throat for the millionth time in a row. I hoped that it would show us something new like the North African campaign or the Italian campaign, campaigns that the Big Red One went through before D-Day, there was a mission there that was cool which was the Paris one but the rest just felt like I’ve seen this a decade ago. The story didn’t seem that original as well, it’s a better story than what we’ve been receiving since Advanced Warfare but it isn’t original and pretty forgettable outside of a few good moments. It also tries to bring up some tough questions like the Holocaust.


The game tries to bring up the tough questions like the Holocaust and the nature of war but these just make the campaign seem deeper then what it is and comes out flat and unnatural. Traditionally, WWII games have ignored the Holocaust completely so WW2 tries to fix that but it feels forced and unnatural: it shows the treatment of POW’s without mentioning anything that the Waffen SS did like the death camps or concentration camps. This scene is presented as the absolute worst thing that the Germans did, but we all know the truth: The truth is pure evil and far darker then what the game tries to show. The campaign tries to be like Band of Brothers or Saving Private Ryan but it falls flat and is mediocre and forgettable although it did brought some memories of my grandfather but really, I didn’t feel anything when going through the campaign.

It’s a good campaign, a much better campaign that what was previously done in year’s prior but still it isn’t very good. The campaign is mediocre and more Michael Bay-ish antics that it tried to move away from but ends up resorting to like that one scene with you stopping a train with a jeep. The prospect of a WWII definite game is an exciting one, including a Call of Duty set in WW2. Unfortunately, the campaign here and frankly the whole entire game isn’t the definitive WW2 experience: The campaign falls into cliche after cliche and familiar territory  that I’ve seen a million times before.


Bastonge 2

The multiplayer in Call of Duty: WW2 has a number of things that were slimmed down that make it feel like a brand new experience. The biggest change is Headquarters where you can do a plethora of things like take contracts and hang out with your friends, in simple terms it’s Destiny 2’s Hub Tower thingie. There really hasn’t been a thing like this in Call of Duty yet, it’s cool I guess.

The core of Call of Duty’s multiplayer is enjoyable, but it isn’t very strong. The game has 9 maps which all of them are travesties outside of London Docks and Sainte Marie du Mont and frankly it’s an embarrassment that this particular Call of Duty launched with 9 ( 10 if you count Carentan which is locked behind the Season Pass and the 3 War maps.) maps when in the past it launched with 12 or 16 maps. The 9 maps are varied in locales ranging from a small village in France to the snowy Bois Jacques woods in the Ardennes Forest.

The scorestreaks are also a travesty, they’re nice but it’s kind of a joke how you earn them. To get a simple UAV, in Domination, you have to keep capping flags and get a 20 kill streak without capping flags, it has to be 30 killstreak or something like that ( I think?) for a simple UAV because of the 50 point change to Domination ( It’s a complete disaster.) Usually, UAV’s are 5 kill streak or a 3 kill streak. Besides the UAV, the scorestreaks aren’t really that compelling either or interesting for that matter. To be honest, the multiplayer feels like Advanced Warfare just reskinned to a World War II setting.

The multiplayer still has the legacy issues that they seem to not want to fix. Broken hitmarkers, broken guns, the usual Call of Duty antics and this makes me disappointed in the multiplayer. The multiplayer reinforces the fact that Call of Duty is in need of a major change-up to make it feel fresh. It suffers from the usual Call of Duty syndrome and that’s a shame.

Final Thoughts

Call of Duty: WW2 reinforces the fact that Call of Duty needs a major change-up, it’s enjoyable but it’s an unremarkable and unambitious game like it’s older predecessors were: It’s older predecessors like Call of Duty 2, CoD 2: Big Red One, Call of Duty 4, Call of Duty: MW2, Black Ops, Black Ops II, United Offensive felt remarkable and grand and ambitious. We’ve been here. We’ve done this. WW2 reinforces the fact that Call of Duty isn’t offering it anymore.



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